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A look at Tim Cook's presentation style

Last Tuesday's "Let's Talk iPhone" Apple event was the first time that Apple CEO Tim Cook had the opportunity to run the show for a major product introduction. In the past, of course, most Apple product announcements were "Stevenotes," with the late CEO Steve Jobs wowing the audiences with what...

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TUAW looks back at Stevenotes past

As Apple watchers, TUAW staffers tend to congregate in San Francisco each January for Macworld Expo. Until recently, the central event of each Expo was the Stevenote. Since TUAW bloggers have covered our fair share, I've collected some memories of Macworld Expo's Keynote Speeches. We'll start wit...

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The best Steve Jobs Macworld Expo moments

Apple CEO and tech legend Steve Jobs doesn't present keynotes at Macworld Expo anymore, though he does occasionally rile crowds at WWDC and City Council meetings. Ranker, a website that publishes ranked lists of just about everything, has compiled a list of the top 10 Steve Jobs Macworld Expo m...

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Win big at Keynote Rumor Bingo on Monday

On Monday morning at 10 AM PDT (1 PM EDT), Apple CEO Steve Jobs will kick off the fun at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco. TUAW will be liveblogging the event, and now you can join in on the fun thanks to the good folks at KrazyBig. They've come up with a browser-based...

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TUAW TV Live: The forecast is iCloudy with a chance of syncing

What better way to spend a late spring afternoon than to sit inside in front of your favorite computer watching TUAW TV Live? I mean, warm weather, clear skies and singing birds are no match for the excitement of me and the chat room mixing it up on Ustream. This afternoon is no exception -- sta...

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'Antennagate' press conference video and official pages up

Now that Apple's command performance for journalists in Cupertino this morning to deliver the full story on the iPhone 4's image problem is concluded, the company has posted the video of the event [link fixed] for your viewing pleasure. See the fetching Keynote presentation and the demonstrations...

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Why Apple has a split personality when it comes to keeping iPhone owners happy

After shelling out top dollar, the customers felt betrayed and angry. The shine on the company's new flagship product was tarnished. The remedy wasn't cheap... and the CEO stepped up and spoke to those irate early adopters. "We want to do the right thing for our valued customers. We apologize for d...

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Apple announces 2009 will be its last Macworld Expo, Schiller to deliver keynote

In a surprise announcement, Apple said that next month's Macworld Expo will be its last. The company doesn't plan on exhibiting at the event after 2009. Also, Steve Jobs will not be giving the keynote address, handing that honor to Phil Schiller, senior VP of worldwide product marketing. It will be...

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Apple Store back online

Now that the WWDC Keynote has ended and live coverage has ceased, the Apple Stores around the world are returning to normal after an interesting Stevenote. Some of the changes on the store that we've noted are: 3G iPhone details, pricing and availability MobileMe pricing, availability Have ...

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Mahalo Daily's 60 second Keynote

Don't have enough time to watch the whole keynote from the other day? Worry not-- our good friends (including Veronica Belmont) at Mahalo Daily have condensed Steve's whole 90 minute presentation (including the musical stylings of Randy Newman) into this quick sixty second breakdown. Thrill to the a...

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Grab your 2008 Keynote Bingo cards!

With just over a week to go until the Steve Jobs January Riot Macworld Keynote and mockups of desired Apple products flying at us, Ars Technica's John Siracusa has posted his definitive Macworld Keynote Bingo card. Complete with that immortal Jobs-ian catch-phrase "Boom" and "a few squares for the p...

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Macworld 2007 Keynote available on iTunes

It seemed that every other comment on my post about the Keynote QuickTime stream was, 'Why isn't Apple putting this on the iTunes Store?' Well, folks, Apple has heard your pleas and has made the Keynote available from the iTunes Store. At least, they are going to. At the time of this post the Keyno...

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Macworld SF 2007 Keynote stream available

The Keynote is now available for streaming on Apple's Quicktime site. Interestingly, you can watch either the whole Keynote, or just the iPhone introduction. Apple is really betting the farm on this phone and if a first impression from a distance is any indicator then they have a hit. I just tried t...

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URL for the Keynote, to be posted later today

The Stevennote finished a little over an hour ago, and Apple already has a placeholder up for the streaming video. Head on over to the iPhone section of Apple's website to see the placeholder. We'll let you know when the video goes live....

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TUAW Podcast #16: The Night Before The Stevenote '07

Care you feel the excitement in the air? San Francisco is abuzz with Mac users waiting for Steve to dazzle us later today. Since this is one of the rare occasions when more than one TUAW blogger is in the same place, at the same time, we thought we would do a quick (and a little rough around the edg...

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