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Turn your MacBook into the Justice League

We've written about MacBook decals in the past, but I couldn't resist showing this one to you guys and gals (especially the comic book fans out there). Stuff Off Decals is selling a Justice League sticker for MacBooks. The sticker is designed in the Justice League animated series fashion and featur...

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Etsy Find: Mmmmmmmm iPhone

Just in time for the weekend, here's an awesome vinyl sticker for the back of your iPhone that has Homer Simpson taking a bite out of your favorite brand's logo. It's made by Etsy user apjam, and while I'm sure it's not quite, you know, ... legal, it is a pretty funny way to play with the logo desi...

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Rainbow MacBook decal is pretty colorful

I apologize. This post would have gone up sooner but I was busy buying one of these! I have two stickers on my car, and they aren't really even stickers, they're static clings: TiVo, and an old style rainbow Apple logo. Yeah, I have stacks of those pretty white ones, but they aren't the same as t...

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Flickr (err, Etsy) Find: Iron Mac

Ok, so usually our Flickr Find feature is about photographic stuff, but this was so cool I had to share it anyway. Gizmodo (via SlashFilm) found this awesome MacBook sticker over on Etsy, and I think, though the Newton one is still cool, that we have a new winner for coolest MacBook sticker ever. U...

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Connecting the Newton as a serial terminal

A little while back we linked to ByteCellar's Apple //c terminal, and now he's gone and put a Newton online. You can check out the whole setup in the gallery, but the short story seems to be that he hooked up the eMate 300 to a serial-to-USB terminal, and then ran it through his Mini. Pretty easy, h...

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Dress up your Shuffle with Shufflesome

The second gen iPod Shuffle is looks pretty good in its nature state, but some folks like to differentiate their gear from the rest of the pack. Shufflesome offers a variety of stickers for your Shuffle (both first and second gen Shuffles can be dressed up with Shufflesome stickers). They have a w...

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Memorex iPod wraps

Memorex has entered the fast paced world of iPod coverings. Announced at CES (where Engadget is spending many caffeine fueled hours trying to cover every single new product released), the 'Printable Wraps for iPod,' wins my CES iPod accessory award for lamest/most straightforward name of a product. ...

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