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I searched for all 74 of the stickers in Apple's new ad so you don't have to

Putting stickers on your MacBook is cool. I know this because the majority of you told me you're totally cool with it in a recent poll. Oh, and also because Apple just ran a TV ad showing just how amazing your MacBook can look with a little bit of vinyl applied. If you saw something you liked on ...

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How many stickers is too many?

We ran a poll back in April asking how you feel about stickers on your MacBook. Not surprisingly, a whopping 41% of you said you'd never consider such a thing, while just 19% embraced the practice enthusiastically. But how much is too much? I have a feeling that the MacBook Pro pictured above fall...

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A family of four... um, Apples?

I generally dislike the whole practice of putting stickers on your car to represent your immediate family, but I suppose if I were to join in, I'd consider this as a way to go. Of course, there's also the possibility that this person just really really loves Apple, in which case I'd have to insist...

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Stickers on your MacBook: Yes or no?

I'll admit that I've been known to cover my notebooks in obnoxious stickers for absolutely no reason other than needing somewhere to stick them. Something about doing it felt like I was making my gadget a little bit more "mine," but when it comes to my most recent MacBook purchases, it feels like ...

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Tactile+Plus adds buttons to your iPhone - kind of

Steve Jobs dislikes buttons, which is why one of the most premier gaming devices in the world has no tactile feedback whatsoever. But there's still a call for finding buttons on the screen by feel alone, and Tactile+Plus is designed to let you do just that. It's a little plastic sticker sheet that ...

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No Comment: Just what do you think of this decal, Dave?

This MacBook decal is great, and it looks like it would work well on your iPad, too -- though you might not get that glowing effect that makes it so awesome. We've seen quite a few fun decals similar to this before, including some specifically for the iPad, some for the iPhone, and even some ot...

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iPhone skins from DecalGirl

If going all-out with a custom Colorware paint job for your iPhone is a bit too over-the-top, perhaps some new iPhone skin kits from the everlasting DecalGirl are more your style. Printed on premium grade adhesive-backed cast vinyl with a high-gloss clear protective coating, all of their skins bo...

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The iPod as demand for action

Believe it or not, not everyone loves the iPod. While I don't count myself among the haters, I do see how this is sort of obnoxious. Tiny stickers that, when affixed to your iPod shuffle, announce either your desire to engage in conversation or your wish to be left completely alone. Hey, I'm glad th...

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New iMac and MacBook Pro (fortunately) void of Intel branding

AdJab was the first to notice something we've all been worrying about since the day Jobs announced the switch to Intel chips: Intel branding on the new Macs, or more specifically: the lack therof. After checking the product sites for the new iMac and MacBook Pro and confirming with a couple of our o...

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