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TUAW's Daily App: Sticky

I'll say this: Sticky is an original one. It's sort of a platforming game, though there are no real platforms involved. You play as a little orange blob named Sticky, tasked with saving the world from invading black blobs that slowly move from one side of your iPhone's screen to the other. St...

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Stick It for iPad: Beautiful "To-Do" notes application

There's not a lot of apps that make me sit up, take notice and go "yes!" Stick It for iPad is one of those apps. Introduced to me by Mark Peterson, a developer who hangs out in the same #iphonedev channel that I do on freenode, his app ticks a lot of the boxes that I have been looking for for free f...

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Yellow sticky in the sky, are those new iMacs that I spy? Apple Store down 8:30p ET

It's Monday night in America, and that means one thing: football. OK, two things -- time for an Apple Store update, and football. The store is down as of 8:30 pm ET (thanks for the tip, Will T.), and with the ongoing rumors of hardware refreshes, combined with a steady stream of tidbits about red...

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Thus goeth down the Apple Store

Shall I compare thee to a yellow sticky note? Thou art more foreboding and less indicative of closure. Rough winds do shake retail commerce before May And downtime hath all too short a date. Sometimes too excited the yellow sticky shines And often is his gold complexion dimm'd And sometimes when cr...

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Stick 'Em Up: An enhanced replacement for Apple's Stickies

For anyone looking to get just a little bit more out of the Stickies app that Apple includes on every Mac, Stick Em Up by Jim McGowan might just be the app for you. Since he also writes Do It, the powerful todo list manager that we're a fan of, McGowan seems to have an eye for improving other app...

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Chronos replaces StickyBrain with SOHO Notes 5.5

StickyBrain, one of the leading 'digital junk drawer' apps that recently entered a 4.1 beta testing phase, has been officially discontinued by Chronos in favor of SOHO Notes 5.5. Current registered users of StickyBrain 4.0 will receive an upgrade to SOHO Notes for free, while users who own licenses...

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iSticky offers notes with reminders, sending via Bonjour, more

Sticky notes are great, but sticky notes that can have reminder alarms, be sent to other Macs via Bonjour, sent over the web and SMS, archived and more - are better. If any of these features have your inner nerd excited, then check out iSticky - a sticky note app on steroids. Also on the feature li...

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