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Widget Watch: Stikkit widget

Last week, Mat Lu found a Quicksilver plugin that plays well with Stikkit, the online personal info organizer that thinks so you don't have to, but there's also another method for all you Dashboard junkies out there: a full-on widget from James Adam. This widget, like its Quicksilver plugin cousin...

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How To: Stikkit Plugin for Quicksilver

A while back we posted on a nice AppleScript and service for the online organizational service Stikkit, usable with Quicksilver. However, according to the Stikkit blog, Merlin Mann has now talked Alcor, the author of Quicksilver, into writing an official plugin for Stikkits. This plugin not only al...

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Search your Stikkits from Quicksilver, browsers

Remember that iNik guy we mentioned, who put together a handy package of Mac OS X tools that interact with Stikkit, the online PIM that thinks so you don't have to? He swung by our original post to mention that he's posting all sorts of Stikkit tips for working with this wholly unique PIM service (w...

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Stikkit web service has all sorts of Mac OS X integration

Stikkit is a new web service in the same organizational vein as Backpack, but it employs some pretty wild tricks and technology to help get your productivity on. The idea behind Stikkit is to get rid of the manual page organization that locks you into one form of hierarchy or another by allowing you...

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