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Lady Gaga to release album as iPhone, iPad app

Regular viewers of TUAW TV Live know what a HUGE Lady Gaga fan I am, so when I saw this story I jumped on the chance of bringing you the latest news about the "Queen of Pop." And this time news is Apple-related; instead of wearing a meat dress, Lady Gaga is releasing her next album Artpop as an...

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Pink Floyd, Sting release biography apps

Just coincidentally, I decided today to pull up some Sting on Spotify and listen to some old tracks. Turns out the musician released a big box set called Sting: 25 Years a few months ago, featuring three CDs worth of his songs, both old and remastered. And just recently, to go with that set, he...

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Sting, Sarah McLachlan are hiding in your Garage(band)

Apple has added new "Learn to Play" lessons to the latest version of GarageBand, including two lessons by Sting and the first one by Sarah McLachlan. Gordon Sumner (a.k.a. Sting, so named by his friends when he wore a shirt with black and yellow stripes) will teach you how to play "Message in a Bott...

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