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Apple bought back $56 billion of its own stock in 2014

Apple is no stranger to stock buybacks so its no surprise that the trend continued in the 2014 fiscal year. And how much stock did Apple buy back this year? According to a new report for FactSet, Apple spent over $56 billion buying back stock this year. That's $36.8 billon more than IBM who took ...

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Forbes says AAPL is down 85%, isn't quite sure how stock splits work

You'd think that an outlet that specialized in financial news would have a pretty good handle on the workings of Wall Street. You'd think that but you'd be wrong, at least in the case of Forbes, which is noting via its inline stock tracking widget that AAPL is down a shocking 85% today by dropping...

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Apple's stock at 52 week high following Beats announcement and impending WWDC

With Apple's purchase of Beats audio finally getting confirmed and anticipation about what will be announced at the company's WWDC event next week, Apple stock closed at a 52 week high on Thursday. Shares in Apple (AAPL) closed at $635.38, but the stock reached heights of $636.87 throughout the da...

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Apple tops JD Power smartphone satisfaction and other news for April 24, 2014

Former Apple engineer Francisco Tolmasky has shared some very interesting stories about the development of mobile Safari and other software features of the new iPhone. Including Steve Jobs' insistence that it be "like magic." Meanwhile, Apple's stock split and customer satisfaction wrap up today's n...

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Apple would have made Forrest Gump a multi-billionaire

Everyone loves Forrest Gump, but thanks to Apple's role in the character's life being relegated to a simple letter in the mail, it's easy to forget that the non-fictional company made this fictional man very, very rich. Gump notes in the film that he "doesn't have to worry about money anymore," bu...

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Apple and the Gambler's Fallacy

For reasons that often defy explanation, the news swirling around Apple always tends to be framed in a negative light. Despite Apple's success and unparalleled ability to release hit product after hit product over a multi-year stretch, many in the tech industry would have you believe that Apple's de...

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AAPL shareholders to receive dividends today

Apple will pay its shareholders another quarterly dividend today. Shareholders of record as of August 12th will receive US$3.05 per share. With over 908 million outstanding shares, that means Apple will spend $2.7 billion today giving money back to its shareholders. However, as AppleInsider point...

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A historical explanation of Apple's recent margin erosion

Apple's share prices have been dipping in recent months as analysts have predicted the company's pace of remarkable growth is starting to slow. At their all time high Apple margins were at 50%, but in the most recent quarter they had shrunk to 37.5%. So why exactly is Apple's margin shrinking? ...

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Fund manager David Einhorn sues Apple, wants cash to go back to shareholders

David Einhorn is a fund manager at Greenlight Capital, and he's leading the charge with a lawsuit against Apple, claiming that the company hasn't done enough to make sure its shareholders receive the benefits of their success. Apple's been making plenty of money lately, of course, but Einhorn's...

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Al Gore buys lots of AAPL

Al Gore is not afraid of all the doom and gloom surrounding Apple. According to Forbes, the politician/environmentalist just spent US$440,000 to buy 59,000 shares of Apple stock. Of course, he exercised stock options that he received for serving on Apple's Board of Directors and bought the stoc...

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Trader charged with wire fraud after trying to buy $1 billion worth of AAPL

A fraudulent US$1 billion purchase of Apple stock has resulted in the arrest of a Wall Street trader and the loss of US$5 million for his brokerage firm. According to the District Attorney's office in Connecticut, trader David Miller of Rochdale Securities hatched a plan to use the brokerage's ...

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Eddy Cue sells $8.76M in AAPL stock

Bob Mansfield recently sold 35,000 shares of Apple stock and now it is Eddy Cue's turn to cash in some of his holdings. According to a filling with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Cue sold off 15,000 shares of Apple stock for approximately US$584 per share. He walked away with $8.76 mi...

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Bob Mansfield sells over $20 Million in AAPL stock

Apple Senior Vice President of Technologies Bob Mansfield sold 35,000 shares of Apple stock at a price of $582, netting him a cool $20 million. This financial transaction was detailed in a SEC filing spotted by MacRumors. Earlier this year, Mansfield sold another chunk of Apple stock for $12....

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ABC's Nightline looks at AAPL

After a botched Maps launch and limited supplies of its flagship iPhone 5, Apple's stock has sunk to a five-month low, and the company has lost almost US$130B in market value since September. A piece on ABC's Nightline profiles this drop in Apple's stock and offers its take on why AAPL is not a...

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AAPL sets another record: $700 in after-hours trading

I've been preaching AAPL for as long as I've been long on the stock -- or about 10 years now. In that time Apple has gone from being just another PC manufacturer to being the most valuable company on the planet and the master of the mobile handset world. Only three years ago, the stock was sitt...

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