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Scutify puts the bells and whistles on Wall Street

Scutify is a combination of many things, but it's mainly a social network built around the stock market. Monitor your important stocks and their current prices, get into trading and investing and chat about them with other members of Scutify. Post questions or status updates called "scuttles" to ...

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Apple is probably worth more than your state (or country)

Today's big news on the Apple front is that the company topped a market capitalization of US$700 billion. That's a whole lot of cheddar -- or clams, bucks, greenbacks, simoleons, whatever you feel like calling them -- but when numbers get that big it's hard to understand what it means. To help put...

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Apple's stock buybacks spurred massive share price increase

With Apple making more money than it knows what to do with, the company in March of 2012 announced a capital return program consisting of stock buybacks and dividends. The initial program was designed to return $45 billion in value to shareholders, but as the money continued to roll in, Apple earlie...

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Icahn's AAPL buyback advice could benefit Apple quickly, significantly

An analysis by Deutsche Bank's Chris Whitmore shows a potential US$50 billion stock buyback would boost Apple's earnings per share by as much as $4.25 in 2014, AppleInsider reports. This comes in the wake of a meeting last week between Tim Cook and investor Carl Icahn where the possibility of expand...

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iPhone 101: Getting more out of Apple's Stocks app on iOS

Apple's Stocks app on iOS isn't terribly exciting, but in typical Apple fashion, it does have a bit more functionality lurking beneath the surface. Pictured below is what you typically see when you fire up the Stocks app. The information is pretty basic. We see that Apple's current share price i...

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Russia's richest man takes a $100 million interest in Apple

Over the past few weeks, shares of Apple have been trading at 52-week lows. Earlier this month, shares of Apple dipped below US$400 a share for the first time since 2011. Shockingly, Apple had a P/E ratio lower than Dell's for a few days last week. Over the past week, however, shares of Apple have ...

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Apple already taking steps to prepare for its upcoming debt sale

Apple last week announced that it would embark on a massive stock repurchasing plan whereby it will purchase US$60 billion worth of its own shares by the end of 2015. In a press release on the matter, Apple called it the "largest single share repurchase authorization in history." What's more, the c...

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Warren Buffett speaks out on Apple's cash pile

Warren Buffet was on CNBC yesterday, and the famous investor had some opinions about Apple, its stock price and the enormous pile of cash it's sitting on lately. His basic thoughts, not surprisingly, were just for Apple to keep making money. "The best thing you can do with a business is run it ...

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Apple cancels shareholder vote after judge sides with Greenlight's Einhorn

Greenlight Capital hedge fund manager David Einhorn has scored a legal victory against Apple in the lawsuit he and shareholders filed against 1 Infinite Loop earlier this month. Reuters is reporting that US District Judge Richard Sullivan has sided with Einhorn and ordered Apple to postpone votin...

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Reports of weak iPhone 5 demand briefly send Apple stock below $500

As we reported earlier today, news broke on Sunday that Apple has apparently reduced its orders for key iPhone 5 components by half. The decision was supposedly made based on weak demand for the phone, but as we pointed out, the move could very well be part of Apple's plan to move to a six-month ...

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Analyst: Apple top stock pick of 2013 despite setbacks

Topeka Capital Markets financial analyst Brian White has weighed in on Apple's 2013 outlook and sees a bright future for the tech giant despite a slight stumble as 2012 entered the record books. According to Apple Insider, White named Apple his firm's top stock pick for the coming year, predictin...

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Analyst expects Apple stock to drop to $270

Apple's stock price has had quite an interesting year. After hitting a record high of over $700 per share in September, the price has been hovering around the $500 mark for several weeks. But as Businessweek reports, that figure just isn't low enough for analyst Edward Zabitsky, who is banking on ...

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Apple named top stock for 2013 by Barron's

Despite falling off significantly from its highest point of the year at over $700 a share, Apple's stock is still a hot topic amongst investment gurus. Financial magazine Barron's not only retains faith in Cupertino's value, but feels so strongly about the company's ability to once again reach a l...

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Lesser known features in iOS's built-in apps

iOS ships with a few core apps such as a calculator and a weather app, which are there for your convenience. Yes, you might have found third-party replacements for them, but they're still nice to have when you are in a pinch. And if you spend some time with these apps like Lex Friedman of Macwo...

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Tim Cook declines dividends being paid to Apple employees

Apple's Board of Directors approved a dividend equivalent payment to employees holding restricted stock units, but this won't apply to Tim Cook, says a report in MacRumors. These RSUs vest after a period of time and are usually given to employees to entice them to stay with the company for a le...

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