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4 ways to find your lost iPhone (and keep it from getting lost again)

2014 is just waking up and its house is trashed. There are champagne stains on the carpet, and its iPhone is nowhere to be found. Yikes. If you've followed in the New Year's footsteps and similarly misplaced your pricey pocket computer, there are a few things you can do to find it and prevent an u...

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Bloomberg blames iOS device thefts for NYC crime rise

Crime in New York City is trending slightly upwards this year, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg has picked a strange culprit to blame the rise on: Apple's iOS devices. In his weekly radio show, the mayor pointed out that New York City was home to 108,432 "major crimes" this year, which was 3,484 mor...

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Undercover 5: the best way to secure and recover a stolen Mac

A few years ago I wrote about Orbicule's Undercover 4 software. Undercover lets you remotely track and monitor a missing Mac, and can even help you recover your stolen gear. Given the Mac security issues in the news over the last few days, it's worthwhile reviewing some best practices to help k...

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AT&T planning new option to hinder stolen iPhones (Updated)

According to The Verge, AT&T is set to launch a new service meant to thwart cellphone thieves. The company will allow customers to shut down voice, data and SMS on stolen devices. AT&T has reportedly issued information to employees on how the service will work. Customers will be required...

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Stolen iPhone photos unwittingly posted by Disney cruise ship employee

"This is Nelson," says iPhone owner Katy McCaffrey of the picture above, posted on her Facebook. "Nelson has my stolen iPhone." McCaffrey took her iPhone on a Disney Cruise back in April, where the phone was either misplaced or stolen. But it's been found, now. Photo Stream was still running, a...

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US carriers agree to national stolen phone database

According to a Wall Street Journal report, four of the largest wireless carriers in the US are working with the US government to create a national stolen phone database. Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile will develop their own databases and then merge them into a centralized serve...

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Photo Stream is helping a man find his stolen iPad

We've heard a lot of stories about Find my iPhone helping people track their lost and stolen iOS devices, but here's one of the first stories involving Photo Stream. According to this Fox 4 Dallas report, it all started late last December in Dallas, TX at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. ...

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iMessages reportedly still sent to stolen iPhones (Updated)

Update: Daring Fireball pointed to this recommendation from Jesse Hollington: set a SIM PIN code, which will prevent your phone from registering with the cellular network after a reset or a SIM swap until/unless the PIN is entered. Be extremely careful, however, as the iPhone settings UI can be c...

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NYPD makes many arrests in iPhone/iPad sting operation

The New York Police Department ran an undercover sting operation recently on vendors and businesses accused of selling stolen iPads and iPhones, and came up with a whopping 141 arrests. That's a pretty crazy bust -- apparently undercover officers actually went out to businesses with iPhone 4s a...

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iPhone 4 prototype sellers charged in California, plead not guilty

The San Jose Mercury News is reporting that two people involved in last year's "iPhone 4 prototype found in a bar" fiasco are being charged in San Mateo County Superior Court for their respective roles in the incident, which led to numerous photos of the upcoming iPhone model being posted onlin...

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No Comment: Washington State borrows Bodega's icon, with a tweak

Eagle-eyed reader Jeff spotted this icon in use over on the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries website, and it looked a little familiar to him, as a user of a certain unofficial Mac App Store app that has been around even before Apple's software distribution solution. Minus the...

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Hidden app snaps pics of alleged crook (Updated)

Update: Josh reports that an arrest has been made and his MacBook is now in the custody of the Oakland PD. Have you seen the man in the picture at right? If you live in the Bay Area and you've seen him with a MacBook in hand, you might want to consider calling the Oakland police. Joshua Kaufm...

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Stolen Mac tracking app Hidden was free until January (Update: all done!)

Update 12/23: Who knew that ALL of you would rush over to Hidden and claim your free account? The company has had to close out the free promotion early (as of 12/23), but all registered machines will be valid. [Thanks Chris Pirillo for the heads-up] Hidden is an app that claims to help you track do...

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Five men rob Apple Store in Greenwich, CT

Apple Store burglars have struck again, this time in Greenwich, Connecticut. Police say that at least five suspects, seen in the surveillance photo to the right, broke through the front door and helped themselves to a whole bunch of Apple products valued in the tens of thousands of dollars. The stor...

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Thieves steal iPad, finger

Ugh, this is a grisly one -- Bill Jordan picked up an iPad for someone else the other day from an Apple Store in a Colorado mall near him, and as he walked away, some thieves grabbed his bag away so quickly that it took part of his finger off. Scary stuff -- apparently two young men followed him ou...

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