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Daily iPhone App: Timeless is a colorful, multiple stopwatch and timer app for iOS

Timeless (US$0.99) for iOS is a heavy-duty timer and stopwatch app with some interesting features and a colorful, clean design (taking some inspiration from the upcoming release of iOS 7). Offering up to 10 simultaneous countdown timers / stopwatches, you'll have no problem keeping track of mult...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: Time

Do you ever watch Star Trek and think, I wish my computer just had a little bit of the LCARS theme to it? You need Time. OK, it's not going to turn your Mac into a futuristic Star Trek-style computer, but Time authentically replicates the visual style and feel of the LCARS interface displayin...

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A roundup of clock apps for the iPad

One of the more surprising app omissions from the iPad was the iPhone's Clock app. It's an extremely useful iPhone app, featuring a world clock, alarm, timer, and stopwatch. Why Apple didn't choose to add this app to the iPad is a mystery for the ages, but at least it's opened up the market for some...

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Found Footage: iPhone Stopwatch 1,000 hour "memory loss"?

In this trivial video, someone shows what happens to the iPhone when the stopwatch has been running for over 1,000 hours. You may ask yourself, "Who runs their iPhone's stopwatch for over 41 days?" And we asked ourselves the same thing. But what happens is most definitely surprising -- and brings a...

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