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The Apple Store is down (Update: back up with no changes)

Apple's online store is currently down. When the Apple Store goes down around this time of week, it's usually a sign of something new showing up in the store or some kind of promotional/holiday refresh taking place rather than simple maintenance updates. We haven't heard of any new products com...

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Apple Store is down, iPhone 4S preorders begin 12:01 A.M. Pacific

The show must go on... and Apple's famous sticky note has appeared on cue. The online Apple Store is down in preparation for preorders for the iPhone 4S, which will commence at 12:01 A.M. Pacific time. Those of you who are eagerly awaiting preorders for the latest iPhone had better still be awake...

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The Apple Store is down... and back up

Is it maintenance or is it MacBook? What are you most looking forward to when the online Apple Store comes back up? Will there be some new surprises in the store? A new MacBook Air? With Thunderbolt? Something to replace the iPod classic? Let us know! Update: Back up now. Nothing major to rep...

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The Apple Store is down (Update: back up, no changes)

Apple's online store is currently down. We're not aware of any upcoming product launches, but the store going down in the middle of the week does usually mean it's not simple overnight maintenance. We'll keep our eye on the situation and let you know if anything new shows up when the store retu...

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The Apple store is down

The yellow sticky note of doom has come to tempt Apple lovers around the world with promises of new or changed items in the Apple retail store. While this could be regular maintenance, we will keep you abreast of any changes once the store comes back up.Update: The store is back up, but so far we...

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Apple Store is down... and back up, with no changes

The store's down!* We're not sure why (if I had to guess, I'd say they're updating the listings for bumper cases, since those recently returned to the retail shelves), but we'll keep an eye on things and let you know what's new when it comes back. Meanwhile, don't panic. We want a new iPod nano,...

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The Apple Store is down... and back up, with no apparent changes

Everyone's favorite sticky note has appeared on the Apple Store, which is down as of 12 A.M. Eastern. We're not aware of any upcoming products, and the store being down on any day other than Tuesday usually points to maintenance rather than new stuff. That said, we'll keep an eye on it and update if...

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The Australian Store is back up -- and iPads are ready for pre-order

Although we're tempted to write a cute folksy post full of "G'day", "Mate", and "Wombat", we will refrain from the obvious. After all, we have too big a debt of gratitude to Australia (from the Wiggles to John Noble to Violet Crumble) to go that route. So, keeping it simple, here's a simple update...

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The store is DOWN

In the course of Apple Events, there comes a time as FCC approvals draw near, and announcements hang in the balance, that the store goes down and a great hush goes through the land. It is a time of great reflection and contemplation as each of us stands with 'bated breath, anticipating the technolo...

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Apple Store team busy installing extra noise, additional funk

As has been widely emailed by our crack readers, the Apple Store is down as of midnight. We'd chalk this up to actual maintenance, but since it is officially Tuesday on the US East Coast, we'll give it the new-product benefit of the doubt. Some items, including Airport Express units and the Mac Mini...

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Happy Tuesday, everyone.

Yes, we know. Thanks everyone for the crack-of-East-Coast-dawn emails. As soon as new product shows up, we'll jump up and down like schoolchildren. Update: New MBPs! New MacBooks! Full details in a moment....

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