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The 5 most gorgeous Apple Stores in the world

For many Apple faithful, going to an Apple Store is a bit of a ritual. Apple feeds this idea by making its retail outlets some of the most aesthetically pleasing on the planet. But while many of Apple's stores are whitewashed blocks of mall real estate, there are some downright breathtaking Apple ...

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New Apple Stores set to open in UK and Germany

We heard earlier this year that Apple was planning to expand its retail business "disproportionately outside the US," and it looks like that plan is being put into motion starting now. In addition to a new Apple Store opening up this Thursday in Leeds, UK, the company has posted job listings fo...

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Apple retail chiefs refute layoffs, address employees

Apple's new retail chief, John Browett, told leadership teams in Apple Stores that the mothership (not his words) "messed up" (his words). In a rare gaffe, Browett's team apparently tried what Dow Jones Newswires says were new staffing formulas. This led to shifts being cut and general pandemon...

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Apple and IKEA, two similar retail stories

There's a fascinating writeup over at Asymco about Apple's retail strategy as compared with another very popular retail chain: IKEA. On the surface, the two brands seem dissimilar. One is a popular computer maker turned mobile device innovator, while the other is a simple and low-cost furniture...

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Apple patents new method for water detection

Apple has submitted a patent that describes a better method of detecting water in an electronic device. In other words, Apple has devised a way to know if your iPhone has been in a pool (for example) before you try to return it to an Apple Store as defective. The patent describes a method of cove...

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Apple Store customer photos become part of art exhibit

Image: The next time you go to an Apple store, you should resist the urge to fire up Photo Booth and snap a photo of yourself gazing into that MacBook Pro. If you don't, you may find yourself part of an art exhibit like the one created by Irby Pace. According to a Wired article, P...

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Best Buy touts its Apple store within a store

Best Buy is an authorized Apple reseller, and it wants its customers to know that this holiday shopping season. The retailer's latest ad focuses on a customer who just discovered Best Buy sells all the hottest Apple gifts. The edgy commercial pits the customer who purchased all her gifts from Bes...

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Tim Cook announces impressive Apple Retail Store numbers

Photo courtesy Engadget Tim Cook has taken the stage in San Francisco to kick off today's Apple event, and he's shared some big numbers for Apple's retail stores. The company's largest store in Asia boasted more than 100,000 visitors in just its opening weekend. Cook says Apple was impressed ...

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Apple unwraps flagship Hong Kong Apple Store

Apple has taken the wraps off its flagship Hong Kong store, 9to5Mac reveals, and underneath is a gorgeous store at the International Finance Center, with a (now familiar) glass staircase running through the center. The store was confirmed on Sept. 5 after pictures were uploaded to Facebook....

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Apple begins shipping Thunderbolt displays

The Thunderbolt-compatible displays Apple announced back in July have reportedly started shipping out to stores and retailers. MacRumors reported that the displays shipped this week, and should hit shelves very soon. Electronista has heard that shipping to customers will start up on September 1...

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Apple Store heading for Hong Kong

Hong Kong's first official Apple Store has been confirmed (Google translation here). Engadget Chinese reports that a Hong Kong mall has uploaded pictures to its Facebook page, including some lettering on a banner advertising a forthcoming Apple Store. The Engadget team traveled to the mall and ...

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Apple is tops in retail dollars per square foot across US stores

A site called RetailSails has done an analysis of the top global moneymaking retailers per square feet of store space, and guess who comes out on top? That's right, it's Apple, who reportedly picks up over $5600 a year per every square foot of retail store space. There is some confusion and est...

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How one independent retailer competes with Apple Stores

Darryl Peck has a 25-year long history of working with Apple; first as a software developer, then as a reseller at Four years ago, the seasoned businessman decided to open his own retail store, PeachMac, and now he competes head-to-head with the Cupertino company. Even though Apple...

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Fake Apple retail stores ordered to close

Two unofficial and unauthorized Apple retail stores have been ordered to close by Kunming, China officials. Not because of their less-than-official nature, but because neither had on official business permit. Chinese law protects trademarks, of course, but also prevents one store from copying th...

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Apple discontinues most boxed software

Considering that the Lion release today (which has gone swimmingly) was a vote of confidence, Apple has moved to get most of its boxed software out of the Apple Store completely, sending a notice out to retailers to discontinue titles like iWork '09, iLife '11, Aperture 3, and most of GarageBan...

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