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Beautifully chronicle and share your life with StoryPress

On the surface, StoryPress looks like any other photo journal app, but its unique mix of audio, visual and written storytelling is far more captivating. The oral traditions of storytelling are a lost art. These days, we tell all of our stories on social media, pictures and texts. While I'd ra...

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Tapestry visual storytelling app adds support for iframe embeds

Tapestry from Betaworks is a visual, storytelling app that lets you tap your way through a tale. It can be used to create some very moving or entertaining narratives that you can share on the Tapestry network. Now, a new embed option expands your audience by allowing you to add your creations to a...

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Meet Heckerty, well-known British children's story, makes its way to the iPad

Meet Heckerty is a delightful British children's story starring Heckerty, a "zany, 409-year-old, upside-down-on-her-broomstick, green-faced witch," and her sidekick cat Zanzibar. The traditional story has made its way to the iPad with a wonderful adaptation that takes advantage of the interacti...

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Daily iPad App: Desi Leaves Town is a surprisingly elegant puzzle game

Desi Leaves Town, available on the App Store now, has done something remarkable. It surprised me. The colorful screenshot above might suggest that it's a kids' storybook app, but it's not. In fact, most of the kids I know would find its story boring. Instead, Desi Leaves Town is an experiment that...

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Blurb app creates multimedia stories on iPhone

Blurb is best known for self-publishing books, but a new iPhone app expands the company's scope to mobile storytelling. Blurb Mobile for iPhone and iPod touch allows you to take photos, video and audio from the iPhone, including from apps such as Instagram, Hipstamatic and Photoshop Express, an...

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Choose Your Own Adventure available for iPhone as U-Ventures

If you, like me, were a big scifi/fantasy reader at a young age, you probably remember the "Choose Your Own Adventure" series. It was a series of books in which, every chapter or so, you could make a choice that affected the story, and you were then prompted to turn to a certain page to continue the...

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