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The creepiest app on the App Store is now free

You might think you've seen the strangest of the App Store, but unless you've downloaded Watching Cute Girl, I promise you that you haven't. Watching Cute Girl is an app that was originally released way back in 2012, but despite being one of the strangest concepts ever, it never really got much at...

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iPhone battery dead? In a squeeze you can charge it with Jaffa oranges

This may be strange -- in fact very strange -- but Imperial Leisure, a marketing and social media firm, has created an advertisement using an iPhone, to promote the sale of Jaffa oranges. They found that with a lot of rods and cable you can use orange power, or rather the power of 2380 Jaffa orange...

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Four things you might not have expected to find on Apple TV

Apple TV is proving to be a hacker's delight, a kind of subMini with a complete (if variant) OS X operating system, wireless networking, and many other useful features. It also has a lot of legacy associated with it. Here are a few things you can find on Apple TV that you might not have expected: ...

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Cuddle up to your iPod Pillow--and listen

ThinkGeek.com, vendor of things freaky, strange and just cool, has a huggable, squeezable, squishy iPod-shaped pillow for sale for twenty bucks--or at least it will as soon as they restock. Before you run away, saying to yourself that you have enough huggable squeezable squishy iPod-shaped pillows i...

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