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Strava begins selling your data points, and no, you can't opt-out [Updated]

Strava (free) is an extremely popular running and biking app on iPhone, and has long been at or near the top of the fitness app charts. Along with its apps on other platforms including Android and even personal GPS devices, the company has pooled a whole lot of data about your running and cycling ...

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Here are all the places you go running and biking with your iPhone

Strava is one of the most popular exercise apps on the iPhone, so after years of users recording their own running and biking habits, the company has a whole lot of data on its hands. Using nearly 20 million recorded exercise routes from its software across iOS, Garmin GPS devices, and Android, th...

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Wahoo Fitness PROTKT: Bike mount and protective case in one

While I'm currently trying to do my best imitation of a slug, I used to be a very active bike rider. How active? Like 2,500 miles (4023 km) per year. This was back in the days before iPhones, and I used to mount a Garmin eTrex GPS on my handlebars as a bike computer and throw my cell phone into my...

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Path opens up its API to a baker's dozen of partners

The Path (free, with many in-app purchases for stickers and whatnot) social network has opened the doors to 13 new API partners that will now sport a "Share on Path" button in their apps. Path's integration initially started with Nike, giving users a way to share their runs and fitness levels thro...

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