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Spotify for iOS gets free to listen shuffle options

Since its debut, Spotify's free offerings have mostly been targeted toward desktop users, leaving nonpaying cellphone fans stuck at the bus station with nothing to listen to other than Pandora, iTunes Radio or any of the myriad of other streaming services. Today Spotify has released their previously...

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New Daft Punk album Random Access Memories streaming on iTunes

The wait is over. Random Access Memories, Daft Punk's first proper album* since 2005's Human After All, is now streaming in its entirety over at iTunes. It features guest spots and contributions from Chilly Gonzales, Nile Rodgers, Pharrell Williams, Julian Casablancas and others. While the album d...

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Wall Street Journal goes hands-on with TiVo Stream

Earlier this week, TiVo confirmed it will start selling its TiVo Stream transcoder box in early September. Announced at CES 2012, the TiVo Stream connects to a TiVo Premiere set-top box and streams both recorded and live TV to your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The Wall Street Journal got a revi...

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TiVo Stream iOS transcoder box due September 6th

Earlier this year, TiVo unveiled the TiVo Stream, a streaming media device that sends TiVo content to your iPad and iPhone. TiVo had a prototype of the device at CES 2012 and later confirmed the Stream would land this summer. Now that the summer is over, the company is ready to kick off sales o...

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iPhone apps to help you follow the Olympics

The Games of the XXX Olympiad started on Friday with grandiose opening ceremonies in London, England that included a long list of notable English figures like the Queen of England, Mr. Bean and Paul McCartney. Now that the big kickoff celebration is over, it's time to start the competition -- a...

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NBC's live streaming Olympics app for iPad now available

NBC is streaming its coverage of the Olympics later this summer and iOS owners with a cable subscription may be able to watch the live coverage on their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. NBC's Olympics website has all the details on its streaming coverage, which is also available via a Flash-enabled ...

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Time Warner Cable head unfamiliar with AirPlay

Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn A. Britt admitted he is unfamiliar with AirPlay, said a report in the New York Times. During a group interview last Friday, Britt said there was no easy way to get Internet video onto a TV, overlooking AirPlay. Apple's wireless video option easily sends a media strea...

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Pocket God set to release 40th (!) content update

Bolt Creative has announced that it's planning to release its 40th content update for the popular Pocket God app, which will feature a mechanic where players can collect idols and battle them against gods, with more idols and gods in future updates to come. The update also includes a "Mafia ski...

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HTML5 game running on Apple TV

The Apple TV 2 could become a new platform for playing HTML5-based games and applications. A hacker installed the Couch Surfer browser on a jailbroken Apple TV and used it to play an HTML5 version of BlackJack. The game is rudimentary, but it's a sign that the Apple TV is capable of more than j...

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Apple reportedly readying Replay service for streaming iTunes purchase history

According to AppAdvice, Apple may be prepping a new re-downloading and streaming service called iTunes Replay. The service would let you re-download select movies and TV shows from iTunes and stream that content to a variety of iOS devices. The Replay service will supposedly let you access show...

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Taptu for iPad brings blended feeds to newsreader app lineup

Considering how eerily the 2001: A Space Odyssey version of a tablet newsreader matches the 2011 reality of the iPad, it's no surprise that the App Store landscape is getting crowded with newsreader options. Beyond the standalone startups and the gray standards, a whole bunch of RSS-centric too...

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Time Warner's iPad TV service cut back due to overwhelming demand

Earlier this week, Time Warner Cable released its new iPad app, which allowed users to watch live TV on the device if they met certain key conditions. The app only works when connected to residential networks that are connected to TWC's RoadRunner cable modem ISP service, or the parallel Earthl...

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25 iPads used to make one big interactive touch display

This is awesome -- a group of musical composers and artists connected up 25 iPads in an installation commissioned by the Environmental Ministry of Japan to create a huge display 25 touchscreens big. Not only do the iPads stream one big image, but they're also interactive -- you can speed the image ...

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SlingPlayer for iPad delivers all kinds of television to Apple's tablet

Sling Media has posted a preview video of their upcoming iPad app, and you can watch it in action right after the break below. It looks pretty darn good -- the app of course allows you to stream everything that comes from your Slingbox DVR device, including live TV, DVR'd content, or any on-demand ...

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Video demo of ABC's My Generation synchronized app

As Dave reported earlier, ABC and Nielsen have teamed up to develop an iPad app that supports the new series My Generation. Users run the app while watching the show -- either live or recorded -- and it will stay synced with the section of the episode you're watching by "listening" to the audio f...

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