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Capcom puts apps on sale, releases new characters for Street Fighter IV

Capcom has introduced two new characters to the iOS version of Street Fighter IV (subtitled Volt), so fighters now can jump into the ring with Yun and Fei Long, making the character total on the game an impressive 22. The company has also dropped the price. It's usually $6.99, but until next we...

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Capcom and Sega join Valentine's Day sales on the App Store

Two more big companies have joined the flurry of sales popping up around Valentine's Day next week. Sega has jumped in with prices dropped on plenty of its titles, from US$2.99 down to 99 cents. Capcom has also joined the holiday celebration, bringing Street Fighter IV down to the incredibly low pr...

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Capcom and Bioware disappointed in iPhone app performance

We've heard a lot of interesting things from big companies on the App Store -- some of them have released games and apps with not a lot of success compared to more high-profile indie groups, while some seem to have nailed down a little bit of profit from Apple's platform. Capcom is apparently findin...

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Street Fighter IV coming to iPhone

I've wondered before just how a fighting game on the iPhone would work, and now I'm going to find out: Capcom has announced that they're releasing the latest Street Fighter game (they're up to IV now) on the iPhone. You can see how it works over at IGN -- there's a virtual joystiq on one side, and ...

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