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DevJuice: Spellchecking short strings

A few years ago, xkcd created a crowd-sourced color survey to collected real-world hue descriptions. You'll find the hilarious results here. I've been working on updating my UIColor utilities as part of building a color-sampling app. Stumbling across this survey, I decided to add the xkcd color...

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Apple working on an "iSight HD"?

According to a recent MacRumors posting, Apple might be working on a "next generation" high definition iSight camera. This comes after a reference in the localization strings file for QuickTime shows "iSight HD" as one of the import devices. You can see the localization strings for "iSight HD" by...

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Yet even MORE evidence of upcoming iTunes rentals

Today's evidence comes to you courtesy of the Apple iPhone. iPhone Developer Pumpkin. He has discovered even more rental-specific information, this time in the iPhone's lockdown daemon file. Lockdown is responsible for authorizing your iPhone for services. For example the lockdown files are involve...

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Games coming to iPhone?

In response to the rumor of videos in to the iTunes UK store, our friends at Download Squad did a little poking around and found something else that might be imminent: games for the iPhone. (Official ones, that is-- there are already quite a few for the iPhone) Inside the iTunes localisation strings...

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Strings in iTunes 7.3 that make us go hmmmm

This morning, I had the opportunity to download and install iTunes 7.3. Of course, one of the first things I did was to head to the package contents to see what had changed between this version and the last. Here is a collection of about a half-dozen updated strings that leapt out at me regarding t...

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iPhone references in updated iTunes Protocol

Evan DiBiase has done a bit more detective work after having found YouTube strings in Apple's iTunes protocol. Now he's uncovered references to the iPhone in Apple's secureBag, specifically references to an iPhone Registration page. Unfortunately the page, which uses secure https, doesn't seem to w...

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