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First Look: Freeform vector drawing app for iPad

The interesting part of being a software reviewer in the early days of the iPad platform is that sometimes you test applications that show a lot of promise and are among the first of their genre in the App Store. Freeform (US$4.99), a vector drawing app for the iPad platform from Stunt Software, fal...

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OverFlow 2.0

Stunt Software has just released OverFlow 2.0, which is a simple Finder alternative that lives in your Dock. It is an application launcher, a file opener, and an organizational tool to help keep your virtual workspace clear of clutter. A lot has changed since we first wrote about OverFlow. New to 2...

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Extend your dock with Overflow

While there are many full-featured launchers and dock alternatives available, Overflow by Stunt Software keeps it simple. The interface features several wells, into which you can drop an application, folder, volume and so on. Simply click the Overflow icon in the dock to activate it (or better yet, ...

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Track your billable hours with On The Job

If you've got the type of job that requires you to track your billable hours, check out On The Job by Stunt Software. It's got a very iTunes-like interface and makes tracking the tasks associated with a given job really easy. Simply create one folder per job, and store the associated tasks inside. C...

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