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The tech in MyScript Smart Note is perfect for stylus users

MyScript Smart Note is a note-taking app for iPad geared toward stylus users who want a comprehensive solution for jotting down handwritten notes that actually function like physical, organized notebooks rather than like sketches. It recognizes your handwriting and treats it like text, allowing y...

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Felix StretchWrite transforms any pen or pencil into a stylus

Despite Steve Jobs' dislike of styluses as pointing and writing devices for smartphones and tablets, a lot of people find the pointy sticks to be a necessity for accuracy. But there are still some issues with styluses -- they're usually more expensive than they need to be, and it's hard to find on...

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Precision Touch Dart Stylus: From Kickstarter to your hand

I love watching crowd-funded projects make it from concept to reality. Precision Touch just recently (July 19, 2014) reached the end of a funding campaign on Kickstarter for the Dart Stylus, now available for pre-order for US$59.95 (normal price $69.95). What makes this such a unique stylus? It ha...

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This iPhone 6 rumor is a special kind of stupid

Apple rumors usually fall into one of three categories: Believable, unbelievable, and ridiculous. A recent claim from International Business Times is making a strong case for a fourth, even less plausible designation. According to the IBT, Apple's next iPhone is definitely going to come with a sty...

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You shouldn't buy the Lunatik Touch Pen, but you should definitely buy the Lunatik Touch Pen

My experience reviewing the Lunatik Touch Pen was a unique one. I had two of the pens sent to me, and at first glance they appeared to be identical aside from the color. One was black and the other, which was in nearly identical, but slightly more bulky packaging, was silver. Both said "Lunatik To...

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Toy Fair 2014: Educational toys and styluses for kids

TUAW made a return to the annual Toy Fair at the Javits Center in New York, the annual sneak peek at what your kids (young and young at heart) will be clamoring to buy during the next year. Some of the items are available now, but Toy Fair gives these modern-day Geppettos a chance to introduce the...

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INKredible for iPad is an excellent note-taking app

I wasn't sure exactly what INKredible was all about when I first sat down to use it. It turns out that this free app (with in-app purchases) is a really useful note-taker for writing directly on your iPad to make easily edited notes. After launching INKredible for iPad the first time, you're greete...

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Daily Update for November 19, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires Fl...

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Pencil stylus from the makers of Paper now available

As we reported a while ago, the makers of the awesome iPad app Paper have developed a new stylus called Pencil. In fact, it looks like a jumbo pencil used for construction, but (of course) it is Bluetooth-enabled and does a variety of things when used with Paper. A clever "kiss to pair" connects ...

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Hands-on with the Adonit Jot Script Stylus for iOS - Evernote Edition

In the never-ending quest to make Evernote your "online memory," the company has been making alliances with manufacturers to bring physical products to market that work with the service. We've seen Evernote team up with 3M Post-It Notes and Moleskine for products you can write on, then snap a phot...

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FiftyThree building a stylus for Paper sketch app

The developers at FiftyThree, makers of the amazing Paper app for iPad (free, with in-app purchases), are branching out in a new direction -- hardware. The company will soon be marketing a new capacitive stylus called "Pencil" that has shown up in FCC filings, using low-power Bluetooth for connect...

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Ten One Design Pogo Connect stylus gains interchangeable tips

Have one of Ten One Design's Pogo Connect styluses? The company's pressure-sensitive Bluetooth 4.0 stylus today gained a set of accessories -- new magnetic interchangeable tips. There are five tips in all -- three are rubber tips in different widths, while two are brushes that can be used with a ...

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Dollar Store Accessories: the iPhone Stylus

Today's Dollar Store accessory find is a stylus /pen that, according to the rather prominent advertising on the box is "compatible with cell phones, tablets." It is neither a great pen nor a great stylus, but (and this is important, given the one dollar price point) it is a good example of both. ...

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The JukeStyle is a great budget stylus for your iOS devices

The JukeStyle is a delightful 2-in-1 stylus for iOS device that gives you a pen/stylus combo for just US$10. Its precise, capacitive tip is great for doodling in DrawCast or Draw Something, though it still requires a little zooming in for more detailed illustrations. My Angry Birds scores have i...

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CES Unveiled: Dexim's Lightning Power Skin and Music Talking Stylus

We looked at Dexim's chargers last year, but the company is rolling out a new Lightning port Power Skin for the iPhone, as seen above. It should sell for US$60 and be available at the end of January. For those of you who still have 30-pin iPhones, they were handing out samples of the ClickSti...

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