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iPhone coming to T-Mobile in 3-4 months

Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, T-Mobile USA Chief Executive John Legere said that the carrier will begin to sell the iPhone in about "three to four months," and that T-Mobile will be taking a different tack to selling them by dropping subsidies for the phones. At this...

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Russian iPhone carrier not happy over price, cites Apple 'dictatorship'

In the Soviet Union, you got a knockoff Motorola brick phone and you were happy. In modern-day Russia, however, you might want an iPhone from OAO Mobile TeleSystems (MTS). You'll pay over US$1,000 for the privilege. The carrier says that makes the iPhone a tough sell in a competitive market. ...

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China Unicom offers free iPhone 4S on contract

Want a free iPhone 4S? If you're a customer of China Unicom, you're in luck -- the company announced today (one week from the first day of iPhone 4S availability in China and 21 other countries) that they'll give users a free iPhone 4S for signing a multiyear service contract. It gets better....

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iPad 3G available for free in Japan with two-year Softbank contract

Japan's Softbank Mobile is subsidizing the entire cost of a 16GB iPad 3G (translated link) for those willing to sign a contract for two years of monthly data plan payments. By agreeing to pay Softbank $56 (¥4,725) a month at least 24 times, customers get the iPad for free -- sort of. The way the...

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Unsubsidized iPhone prices

Stories about cell phone unlocking and resales have hit the news recently. TracFone sued numerous resellers who (legally) bought inexpensive subsidized units, unlocked them and sold them overseas. In the iPhone world, the story differs. Rather than leveraging subsidized prices, the way the TracFone...

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Doin' the wacky AT&T math

As everyone has told us this morning (Thank you guys, we love you!), AT&T has announced their price plans. Christina got a post up about this earlier today. As I dragged my weary Mountain-Time-based self out of bed (after a night of random fire alarms due to a wonky 9-volt battery), I decided to...

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iPhone 3G may be sold unsubsidized

Will the iPhone be sold unsubsidized? That's the conclusion I'm coming to as I read between the lines of this AT&T Memo to Retail Managers. The money quote is this: "However, not all customers will be qualified upgrades. AT&T has not determined the price of the 3G device for non-qualified up...

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iPhone rebates or subsidies?

In the US most carriers offer rebates and/or subsidies to offset the cost of phones and their contracts. Will Apple follow this trend? Rumors are swirling that they might just do so. According to several sources including Apple Insider, American Technology analyst Shaw Wu says Apple is considering o...

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iPhone manufacturing cost estimated at $245.83...maybe

Steve Ballmer might go on about the iPhone being heavily subsidized, but today's Mobile Magazine reveals that the iPhone might be cheaper to build than you think. According to their estimates, the 4GB iPhone costs $245.83 to manufacture, about half of the five hundred dollar asking price. Add anothe...

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