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OS X vulnerability allows superuser access to hackers

Another vulnerability has popped up in OS X, and this time it's not Java-related. The developers of Metasploit, a software utility that makes it easier for people to abuse vulnerabilities in OSes for security-testing purposes, have added a new Unix Sudo vulnerability to their software. As OS X run...

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Terminal Tips: Install software updates from the command line

Sure, you could update your Apple software by opening Software Update from the Apple menu. But what if you're inclined to use a command line interface, or maybe you need to update a remote machine via SSH? There's a way to complete a software update in Terminal.app. Here's how. If you want to do a...

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Sudos and sudon'ts

I find that I'm visiting RixStep on a regular basis these days. Today I stumbled across this post about using root privileges and thought I'd share it with you. If you want to learn more about using Mac admin privileges, this might not be the best post to start. If you already have some familiarity ...

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Sudo versus root

Remember the good old days when we didn't have to worry about sudo or root? We have extensions, and we liked it! Why, I remember when OS X couldn't even burn a CD! Ah, OS 9 how we miss you. Just kidding, OS 9 sucked (that's a joke too.  Sheesh, lighten up, folks). Thanks to our new Unix overlor...

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