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Apple to appeal court order to publish statement about Samsung

Apple is not planning to simply give in to a UK judge's orders that it should acknowledge on its website that Samsung didn't copy the iPad. Apple plans to appeal the decision, and the motion will be heard in a UK court of appeals. The judge who had issued the ruling in the first place (and sa...

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Judge to bar Jobs's disparaging statements about Android

No matter what Steve Jobs has said about Android, it shouldn't influence the upcoming patent showdown between Apple and Samsung in U.S. courts, a judge ruled on July 18. District Judge Lucy Koh ruled in favor of Apple regarding this request, Reuters reports. Samsung wanted the use of Jobs' qu...

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Apple allowed to intervene in Lodsys patent case

Last year, patent holder Lodsys filed lawsuits against iOS developers including James Thomson, Patrick McCarron, IconFactory, Combay, Rovio and more. Apple stepped in and filed a motion to intervene on June 9, 2011. The motion was finally granted this week, says a report in FOSS Patents. Lods...

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ITC judge presiding over Kodak-Apple patent case retires

ITC Chief Administrative Law Judge Paul Luckern has stepped down from his position after 27 years of service. This departure is notable as Luckern presided over the patent complaint filed by Kodak against Apple. In January, Luckern issued an initial ruling that Apple did not infringe on Kodak...

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Kodak may sell image patent in Apple lawsuit

Kodak may sell the image previewing patent that is the subject of a US$1 billion infringement lawsuit filed against Apple and RIM. This patent is one of 1,100 patents that Kodak is looking to sell as it tries to raise cash. Analysts estimate these patents may be worth more than $650 million, th...

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ITC rules for Kodak in Apple patent infringement complaint

The ITC handed down its final judgment in a patent infringement case Apple filed against Kodak. In a setback for Apple, the panel let the initial decision stand and ruled in favor of Kodak. On May 12, ITC Judge Robert Rogers found one of Apple's patents was invalid and that Kodak did not violat...

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Paul Allen lawsuit against Apple and others delayed

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has been stymied in his attempt to sue Apple, Google and others for patent infringement. U.S. District Judge Marsha Pechman delayed proceedings so the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office can reexamine the patents in the case. The USPTO will take a closer look at the...

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ITC delays Kodak vs. Apple and RIM decision

The ITC has announced on Thursday that a decision on RIM vs. Apple and Kodak will be delayed [PDF] by one week. It's a bit of a surprise, especially this late in the day, as ITC was supposed to make a decision today. There's no clear reason for the postponement that we could find, but FOSS Pate...

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Lodsys requests 2 months to respond to Apple (Updated)

A few weeks ago, Apple filed a motion to intervene in Lodsys' controversial lawsuit against a handful of iOS app developers. Lodsys was required to respond to Apple's request by June 27, 2011, but the company has asked for a two month extension. If a judge approves this extension, Lodsys will hav...

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Apple files motion to intervene in Lodsys suit

Apple has filed a motion to intervene for developers being sued by Lodsys. The motion was filed in the Eastern District of Texas and notes that the developers are: "are individuals or small entities with far fewer resources than Apple and [...] lack the technical information, ability, and incen...

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Lodsys files suit against third-party App Store developers

Making good on its threats, Lodsys has filed suit today against several third-party iOS developers. According to Florian Mueller, Combay, IconFactory, Illusion Labs, Shovelmate, QuickOffice, Richard Shinerman, and Wulven Game Studios are among the developers targeted in the suit. A series of def...

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New York City Apple Store sued over alleged racial profiling incident

An Apple Store in New York City's Upper West Side has been sued by two customers after an alleged case of racial profiling. AppleInsider reports that two African-American men were told, in no uncertain terms, that they were not welcome in the store. The pair believes that their race was the decid...

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Judge rules for Kodak in Apple lawsuit

An ITC judge has ruled that Apple's allegations of patent infringement against Kodak are unfounded. You'll remember that Apple claims Kodak is using two of its technologies illegally in several products, including the Z-series, M-series and C-series cameras. One of the technologies in question all...

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Kodak loses critical part of ITC case against Apple and RIM

The International Trade Commission has ruled against Kodak in its patent infringement complaint against Research in Motion and Apple, Bloomberg reports. In an initial determination recommendation, ITC Judge Paul Luckern ruled that Kodak's patents are invalid and not infringed upon by Apple's iPhone ...

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Apple sues Nokia in London over touch-screen scroll patent

Apple has sued Finland's Nokia over claims that one of Nokia's European patents for scrolling on a touch screen is not valid. The suit was filed in London's High Court earlier this week, and is the latest in the legal back-and-forth between Nokia and Apple. In December of 2010, Nokia filed claims...

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