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App Battle: Super Mega Worm vs. Death Worm

2010 was a big year for the giant carnivorous, destructive, evil flying worm genre on the App Store, with the releases of not one, but two highly-praised titles. The games in question are Super Mega Worm and Death Worm, and they're both as absurd as their titles suggest. In one, you play the role ...

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iCade-compatible games listed

Touch Arcade has a list of the games on the App Store currently compatible with ThinkGeek's iCade arcade stand for the iPad. It's certainly more than just the one official Atari app that it was compatible with at release, but the list is still pretty short, with only 16 titles included: No...

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Games updated for Game Center (soon)

As you might have noticed if you've added a few friends in Apple's new Game Center service, the backbone social components are working great. But where, exactly, are all of the games? Developers have actually had access to Apple's service for quite a while now -- it was introduced to them under NDA...

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TUAW's Daily App: Super Mega Worm

Sometimes you roll along, having a pretty good day... and sometimes, you just want a giant worm to rise up out of the ground and destroy everything. Super Mega Worm is for that second type of day. (You'll have to find something else for the first -- Doodle Jump, perhaps?) It's a game where you cont...

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