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Use the Fox Sports Go app to watch Super Bowl XLVIII for free

Fox Sports is hosting Super Bowl XLVIII this year and will stream the event both online and to mobile devices. If you have an iPad, you'll be able watch the game for free on your tablet using the Fox Sports Go app. To showcase its streaming service, the network is offering a one-day pass to its F...

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Shazam mention, blackout at Super Bowl drives mobile engagement

Velti is a firm that runs advertising on mobile platforms like iOS and Android, and they were paying close attention during last Sunday's Super Bowl game to how and when mobile users were on their phones. The company has released a few tidbits about mobile usage during the big showdown, and the...

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Talkcast tonight: Post-Expo hangover edition, 10pm ET/7pm PT

We came, we saw, we sang a little karaoke and met an adorable monkey. Macworld/iWorld 2013 is in the books, and this is the first chance we've had to breathe a little and take stock. Of course, the best way to do that is to counterprogram the blackout-delayed Super Bowl and host our regular weekl...

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Samsung Super Bowl ad teases Apple

As noted by Philip Elmer-DeWitt, Samsung spends almost $12 billion a year to promote its brand. A chunk of this money is going to clever ads like the one below that is a lead up to the company's bigger Super Bowl Sunday spot. Apple fans will likely see the irony in the video below, which poke...

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5 apps for Super Bowl Sunday

It's Super Bowl weekend, so bring on the football, food and fun. Like most people, you likely will watch the game with snacks in one hand and your iPhone or iPad in the other. You probably already have the official NFL apps on your phone and your Zite football news all setup. So here are five a...

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App usage doesn't drop during Super Bowl -- except during halftime

Mobile advertiser Flurry's latest report, on app usage during the Super Bowl, is fascinating for those of us who have been following the "second screen" phenomenon: The tendency of mobile device users to use their devices while also watching television or other media. Flurry notes that during last...

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Apple enjoys free Super Bowl advertising courtesy of NY Giants

While some tech pundits are bemoaning Apple's lack of ads during the Super Bowl on Sunday (the company hasn't run an ad during the big game for years), The Street's Jim Cramer is taking another view and one that is much more rooted in reality. Apple didn't need to pay for expensive Super Bowl air ...

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Should Apple have advertised during the Super Bowl?

Mashable's Lance Ulanoff raises the question of whether Apple should have advertised during Super Bowl XLVI. He points out that 28 years after the debut of the "1984" commercial that Apple sat on the sidelines and allowed its rivals to mock it during the most-watched show in U.S. television histor...

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iPads invade Super Bowl parties

I've talked quite a bit before about the growing "second screen" phenomenon, where iPads and other mobile devices are used as a second screen while either working on another computer or watching television. And with the biggest event on television yesterday, there was likely a lot of "second scree...

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Samsung insults iPhone owners with Super Bowl ad touting oversized stylus phone

Samsung USA has been on the warpath against Apple fans lately with a series of ads that show bored, desperate people standing in line for Apple's next product while happy hipsters show off their Android-powered Sammy devices. During yesterday's Super Bowl, the company took the gloves off with a re...

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Five apps for Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl is just around the corner which means it's time to get ready for the big game between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. Rather than our usual five apps, I couldn't contain myself and, instead, put together five categories of apps that'll set you up nicely for food, fo...

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Steve Jobs inspires Best Buy's Super Bowl ad

Last year when Best Buy was planning its Super Bowl ad, the retailer's US marketing chief, Drew Panayiotou had a revelation. Instead of getting a music or movie star for the commercial, Panayiotou suggested the company focus on Silicon Valley innovators. According to Bloomberg, he was inspired by S...

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NFL to stream the Super Bowl to iPhone, iPad apps (Updated)

Update: As commenters have pointed out, this is for iPhone users on Verizon ONLY. Pity. I'm excited about this one, both for what it is, and for the potential of what it could be. The NFL has decided, in a (rare?) move of generosity, to stream the Super Bowl broadcast out to its mobile device...

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In Arlington, TX? Try the official Super Bowl app

If you happen to be in Texas for Super Bowl XLV, it's worth your time to download the official app for the Super Bowl. While you could cobble together the same functionality from Google Maps, Yelp and a few other apps with food, travel and event info, why bother? The Super Bowl app is free and of...

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Motorola Super Bowl ad pokes fun at Apple users

The Super Bowl means elaborate and expensive TV ads. I think there's a football game, too. This year, Motorola will poke fun at iPhone users with a commercial for the Xoom that features homogenous, mindless drones who all look alike and use the same chuck of hardware. The standout -- a handsome y...

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