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HeroClix TabApp adds DC Comics figures

The HeroClix TabApp is an interesting, if not all that impressive, app for the iPad that uses HeroClix figurines in conjunction with iOS to make a game featuring the superheroes of the HeroClix series. When it first launched earlier this year, the app featured only Marvel heroes. But apparently...

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Daily iPhone App: Superman

This one kind of came out of left field -- there isn't really any reason for Chillingo to release a Superman game, especially one created by Flash developer Tiger Games. Superman games in general don't usually work well anyway: How exactly do you put a challenge on pretending to be the Man of S...

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SpellTower, Chickon, Superman and lots of other iOS releases today

Believe it or not, we are getting into the start of the holiday season, and that means tons of action on the App Store as people head over to buy apps for their new devices. There are a bunch of exciting new apps to check out today, so here's a quick list: Hothead Games (makers of Kard Com...

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Turn your MacBook into the Justice League

We've written about MacBook decals in the past, but I couldn't resist showing this one to you guys and gals (especially the comic book fans out there). Stuff Off Decals is selling a Justice League sticker for MacBooks. The sticker is designed in the Justice League animated series fashion and featur...

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Walmart Video Download Follow-Up

The Walmart/Superman FAQ just went live and here are a few more facts to follow on our earlier story. The "portable format" will use PlayForSure. The "standard format" will be 640x480 at approximately 1500 kbps and will occupy about a gigabyte of storage. You can't transfer the videos between...

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Free Superman Returns clip via iTunes Music Store

James Young wrote in to tell us about an exclusive premiere scene of 'Superman Returns' that is available on the iTunes Music Store. Now, I love a free clip as much as the next guy but that's not why James emailed us. He noticed that the clip is categorized as a 'Movie.' Does this lend credence to ...

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