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Independent medical team finds no link between employee death and Apple supplier Pegatron's working conditions

After a 15-year-old worker died of pneumonia at Pegatron, a Chinese supplier, Apple had an independent team of medical experts sent to the facility to verify working conditions, Bloomberg reports. The worker had previously been cleared as healthy just a month prior to his death. An official Apple...

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Browse through this interactive map of Apple's suppliers worldwide

Apple releases a list of all of its hardware supplier partners about once a year, as part of its Supplier Responsibility program. But the most recent list of suppliers included not only company names, but also addresses for each, and so a site called ChinaFile took all of those addresses and pu...

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Made For iPhone manufacturers may have to comply with Apple's supplier responsibility code

There's no gaggle of satellite trucks or eager liveblogs documenting every moment, but one of the most important Apple-related events is going on right now in Shenzhen, China: the annual MFi (Made For iPhone/iPad/iPod) manufacturers' conference. This multi-day meeting is the interface, so to sp...

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Apple supplier shows 95% overtime compliance in March 2012

Apple maintains a supplier responsibly report on its website and recently added some new statistics that show overtime working conditions are improving in its factories. Noticed by The Next Web, Apple is now seeing 95 percent compliance with its 60-hour work week requirement. This is up from 89...

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Tablet component suppliers concerned over iPad's dominance

Tablet component suppliers in Asia are concerned about the lack of competition in the tablet market. The iPad is the dominant player and is driving the growth in the industry. This is great now that the iPad is growing 166% year over year, but it doesn't bode well for the future when iPad sales...

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Apple moving away from Samsung memory components

Apple has allegedly already switched away from Samsung for production of the next-gen A6 processor for iOS devices, and if the latest report from Digitimes is accurate, Apple's also diversifying its sources for DRAM and NAND memory. Digitimes' sources claim that Apple is now starting to source NAN...

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iPad competitors place strain on parts suppliers

The Apple iPad kicked off a tablet revolution in 2010 that promises to explode in 2011. Global tablet shipments are expected to triple in this upcoming year as competing manufacturers rush to produce a variety of slate devices to compete with the iPad. According to IHS iSuppli, this plethora of tabl...

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iPad 2 camera supplier selected, remains mum

One of the most asked-for features for the second generation of the iPad is a front-facing camera that can be used with Apple's FaceTime video chat app. After all, with FaceTime available on every iPhone 4 and downloadable in beta form for Mac OS X, the ability to engage in video-enhanced conversat...

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Rumor: Fourth gen iPod touch to include Facetime camera

Is the above picture of the fourth generation iPod touch's faceplate? MacRumors thinks so -- they say they got the pictures from an iPhone parts supplier, who claims it's what you'll see on the front of the newest iPod touch. And of course right there on the right side of the case (which would be o...

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Foxconn: Apple supplier in China roughs up reporter

"A Reuters employee who was investigating Apple's legendary secrecy visited Foxconn's walled city-like facility in Guanlan, China, and was reportedly roughed up by security." The reporter took a taxi to the facility and left the taxi to take photographs of the front gate and security checkpoint. ...

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Death of Foxconn worker puts supplier back in spotlight

The story, at first, sounded like a wild Internet rumor -- 25-year-old Sun Danyong, an employee with Apple contract manufacturer Foxconn (also known as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co.) leaped to his death following the disappearance of an iPhone prototype. It seemed somewhat far-fetched -- after losi...

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