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Daily Update for March 12, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requi...

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Apple suppliers had a very tough February

February is usually not a great month for the companies that supply Apple with its iOS and Mac device parts (Chinese New Year usually falls right in that month, and production in China always take a big downturn as people celebrate there). But this particular past February was especially bad, a...

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An iPad mini with Retina display could cost $12 more to build

Hardware market research firm iSuppli has released a new report that claims the cost-per-device of an iPad mini sporting a Retina display screen could be fairly high: as much as $12 or more. Even if all of the other parts stay the same price, just adding a Retina display in the iPad mini's size...

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Apple releases 2013 supplier responsibility report

Apple's annual supplier responsibility report has proved to be a key insight into the company's labor practices, especially as scrutiny over working conditions in its supply chain grows. The 2013 report, quietly released Thursday night, gives insight into how the company is dealing with issues ...

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Sterne Agee analyst: iPhone 5 demand 'remains robust'

Yesterday's Wall Street Journal report that Apple had cut iPhone 5 parts orders due to weak demand for the phone may have been incorrect. Shaw Wu, an Apple analyst with Sterne Agee known for his insightful questions during Apple earnings calls, said in a note to investors today that suppliers s...

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Apple gets paid for products faster than it has to pay for manufacturing

Here's yet another sign of what a great position Apple has put itself in in terms of manufacturing: According to the Wall Street Journal [paywall], the company gets paid by its customers much faster than it is required to pay its suppliers. The difference between the inflow of sales and the out...

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Suppliers' stocks climb on Apple's success

As the old saying goes, "a rising tide lifts all boats," and that's never been more apt than in the case of Apple suppliers. As the company's fortunes have risen, so have those of the many suppliers who make the bits and pieces that go into every iPhone, iPad and other Apple products. CNNMone...

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Chinese customers investing in Apple's suppliers

It's a gold rush in China as investors line up to cash in on Apple's success by buying up shares in Apple's Asian suppliers, says a report in Reuters. Chinese law prevents investors from buying Apple directly, so many are turning to firms Apple mentioned on its recent supplier list. Even compan...

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Apple supplier shows 95% overtime compliance in March 2012

Apple maintains a supplier responsibly report on its website and recently added some new statistics that show overtime working conditions are improving in its factories. Noticed by The Next Web, Apple is now seeing 95 percent compliance with its 60-hour work week requirement. This is up from 89...

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Apple's China audits don't inspire the same from other companies

As TUAW has reported previously, Apple is working with the Fair Labor Association on a study of working conditions at supplier factories. The independent audits are attempting to determine areas where workers may be exposed to poor or dangerous working or living conditions so that changes can be m...

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Apple OKs independent environmental audits of suppliers

Just yesterday, we reported on Apple's move to renewable energy at the Maiden, North Carolina data center and other facilities. Now USA Today is reporting that Apple has given the green light to begin independent environmental audits of the companies that make up the Apple supply chain. Apple appar...

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Chinese readers respond to story of Apple's Chinese suppliers

The financial world's eyes are on Apple this week after it announced record-breaking quarterly earnings. In the midst of all this commentary and congratulations, there was also a sobering article by New York Times reporters Charles Duhigg and David Barboza. Titled "In China, Human Costs Are Built ...

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Apple Stores construction suppliers

Apple recently released its Supplier Responsibility Progress Report for 2012 and, for the first time, provided a list of 156 suppliers. This list covers 97% of the companies that supply Apple with materials, manufacturing and assembly of its products. Now that we know which companies are behind...

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Apple, China groups meet to discuss environmental concerns

Environmental concerns continue to plague Apple and its suppliers in China. Earlier this year, Apple was singled out in an environmental report called "The Other Side of Apple," which detailed health, environment and safety issues at Chinese manufacturing facilities. Apple met with some of its ...

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Apple reportedly cuts orders for iPad parts

Apple supposedly cut its fourth quarter orders for iPad components by 25%, according to a report from Bloomberg. This adjustment may have a financial effect on suppliers and manufacturers like Foxconn, but may not hurt Apple. Some analysts, like Mark Moskowitz of JPMorgan, are not adjusting the...

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