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Tim Cook: We should have waited until 2013 to release new iMacs

During Apple's earnings conference call on Tuesday, CEO Tim Cook fielded an analyst's question regarding Apple's product releases during the Fall 2012 quarter and delivered a surprisingly candid answer. Addressing the shipping delays that plagued Apple's new iMacs, Cook articulated that Apple...

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Daily Update for February 4, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requi...

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Apple now tracks hours for 1M supply chain workers

In the latest update to the company's Supplier Responsibility page, Apple has changed the estimated number of workers in its supply chain from 900,000 to 1 million, MacRumors reports. Along with the new, higher figure, the monthly tracked Work-Hour Compliance chart has also been updated, showin...

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Apple, Qualcomm tried to purchase exclusive access to TSMC chip production

Bloomberg is reporting that both Apple and Qualcomm were turned down by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) in attempts by the two companies to invest cash and gain exclusive access to smartphone chips. Each company proposed investing more than US$1 billion in order to have TSMC...

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New iPad's online availability improves

Apple's done a fantastic job meeting demand for the third generation iPad. The company sold three million units in the first launch weekend and still has inventory in stores. As SlashGear noticed, it also narrowed the estimated shipping time from two to three weeks down to one to two weeks. Thi...

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Almost all US Apple Stores out of stock of the Apple TV

Ever since February 2012, the Apple TV has been in short supply at retailers like Best Buy and Walmart. Last week, The Verge noticed that the Apple TV was out of stock at many Apple Stores, and today, MacRumors chimes in with a claim that the media device is not available in 98 percent of Apple st...

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Apple TV disappearing from store shelves; update imminent?

There's been a lot of speculation about an Apple HDTV of some kind, but it's much more likely that an improved Apple TV will make it to market before we see a large flat screen device. CNET is reporting that supplies of Apple's diminutive black box are dwindling at brick and mortar stores across t...

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Apple lists iPhone 4S as "in stock" in most online stores

Those TUAW readers who haven't yet caught Siri fever and purchased an iPhone 4S won't have to wait if they finally decide to buy one. Electronista reports that the device is finally listed as "in stock" at the Apple Store for most countries. As recent as two weeks ago, availability times were stil...

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Ultrabook manufacturers look to plastic as Apple commandeers supplies

Intel's new "Ultrabook" initiative designed to help PC manufacturers churn out MacBook Air clones has hit a snag. According to Digitimes, Apple has gobbled up almost all of the available capacity for producing unibody aluminum parts, which it uses to build the chassis for its notebooks. Product...

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International iPhone 4S shipping dates already showing delays

That didn't take long. Just hours after preordering for the new iPhone 4S began, Electronista is reporting that international orders for the new phone are already showing ship dates of one to two weeks. For some TUAW readers and bloggers, the order process went slowly this morning, indicating...

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Apple's flash-buying clout seen as huge advantage

Apple is not only winning the tablet wars, it's already poised to beat out Intel's new Ultrabook line of tablet-inspired notebooks that are expected to arrive later this year. The Ultrabook is Intel's attempt to merge the instant-on features of a tablet with the power of a notebook. These ...

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Analyst ups AAPL on strong projected iPad, iPhone sales

Canaccord Genuity analyst T. Michael Walkley remains bullish on Apple pointing to strong iPhone and iPad sales in June. He's so confident in Apple that he boosted his iPhone sales estimate from 75.5 million million to 77.3 million in 2011. He also predicts Apple will sell a whopping 100.2 milli...

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iPad 2 shipping times all under one week

All of you who have been waiting since March to buy an iPad 2 can now pull out your credit card and make your order. For the first time since the wildly successful tablet began shipping, supply is meeting demand, and shipping times are now under one week. During the first month of sales, ship...

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Apple's supply demands could affect Amazon tablet production

According to Digitimes, Amazon is shopping around for manufacturers to supply touchscreen panels for its rumored upcoming tablet. The retail giant has supposedly approached TPK Holdings, Wintek, HannStarr Display and J Touch. Two of the four manufacturers, TPK Holdings and Wintek, currently sup...

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White MacBook supplies very low

Students looking forward to picking up a white MacBook are finding that supplies of the bleached 'Books are limited. According to a post on AppleInsider, stocks of MacBooks are sold out at many authorized Apple resellers, including Amazon, MacConnection, and J&R. Other resellers are reporti...

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