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Microsoft continues anti-iPad offensive with new commercial

Microsoft today continued its anti-iPad offensive with yet another commercial, this one highlighting the many differences between the Microsoft Surface RT and Apple's fourth-generation iPad. Per usual, the differences pointed out by the commercial aren't all that interesting and I sincerely doubt...

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New Microsoft Surface RT ad goes after the iPad... again

Microsoft just can't seem to help itself. The marketing folks up in Redmond today released yet another video touting the advantages of their Surface RT over the iPad. As they've done before, the commercial features an iPad -- voiced by a Siri-like voice of course -- expressing dismay at all of the...

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iPad, iPad mini win battery life shootout among tablets

UK consumer watchdog site Which? has tested the world's leading tablets to see how their battery life compares and both the iPad with Retina display and the iPad mini came out on top by a large margin. To be fair to all tablets, Which? took into account the screen size and brightness of each ...

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Display expert: Microsoft Surface display not superior to iPad Retina display

After the director of research for Microsoft's Applied Sciences group, Steven Bathiche, boasted via Reddit that the company's new Surface RT tablet could offer more screen detail than the latest iPad, an expert decided to weigh in. The verdict? Microsoft's ClearType sub-pixel rending technology...

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