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Survivor, other CBS shows in iTunes (US)

As you may remember, CBS's president of digital media Larry Kramer announced back in February his network's intention to sell downloadable episodes of Survivor - without iTunes. For $1.99US, you got a single episode that expired in 24 hours. He stated that CBS would be moving gradually into this ne...

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Ejected Survivor contestant quotes Steve Jobs

While watching Survivor tonight, I noticed something interesting at the very end. The contestant who was voted off (don't worry, I won't spill the beans in case you haven't seen it yet) sort of quoted Steve Jobs during his/her exit interview. During his commencement address at Stanford University la...

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Download Survivor, but not via iTunes

File this under "What are they thinking?" CBS has announced that it will offer downloads of its mega-popular reality show Survivor: Panama* at $1.99 a pop. But here's the catch: The episodes will "expire" 24 hours after purchase, will not be iPod compatible and will not be sold v...

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