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Daily App: Sooshi is a visual guide to preparing and eating sushi

Whether you are sushi connoisseur or new to the world of eating raw fish, you should check out this new app, Sooshi. A collaborative effort by three German students (Konstantin Datz, Moritz Von Volkmann and Leonard Hecker), Sooshi contains a wealth of information on the ingredients, utensils and f...

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Video: London resturant delivers food via iPad-controlled quadrocopter

A restaurant here in London is delivering its customers' food orders in a unique way: via an iPad-controlled quadrocopter. The Yo! Sushi restaurant in Soho is promoting its new sushi burgers by delivering them to diners' tables via the "iTray" -- a quadrocopter fitted with a tray for the food, con...

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Steve Jobs's long and complex relationship with Japan

Japanese writer Hayashi Nobuyuki has written a thoughtful article on Steve Jobs and Japan, covering both the professional and personal influences that helped shape Jobs's path through life and with Apple. The piece has been translated into English, and it's worth a read. Jobs considered himself...

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TUAW's Daily App: Seafood Watch

Here's another Daily App choice that's a little more practical than a lot of the games we've been covering lately. Seafood Watch is an app updated with information about fish from all over the world, letting you see at a glance where the fish you're eating probably came from and not only how nutriti...

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Found Footage: Sharp says 'sushi please' on iPad

Lots of visual content, quick transactions, and hungry customers: that's what Sharp has in mind with this proof of concept sushi menu application for iPad. Rather than putting diners through the chore of tracking down their favorite rolls and sashimi in a multipage laminated paper menu, the app ...

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THQ Wireless releases Chop Sushi to the App Store

Chop Sushi is a brand new game from our friends at THQ in the App Store that combines a love of the Japanese raw fish dish with an interesting twist on the kind of gem-matching battle gameplay that Puzzle Quest made famous (and addictive) a few years ago. It's still a matching game, except you're ma...

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