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Find out how you measure up with the Official Navy SEAL app

So you think you are in good shape? You run a couple of miles three or four times a week and put in a few hours in the gym doing weight work every couple of days. Well you can now find out just what kind of shape you are in with the Official Navy SEAL Training app. It is a free universal app tha...

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Get motivated to get moving with Movn

Movn: Simple Pedometer & Movement Goal Coach wants to help you become more active. All of us have decided at some point to increase our daily activity by taking a long walk, or jogging, or riding a bicycle, or yoga, or any number of activities. But how many of us have failed to follow throug...

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Otterbox: Waterproof goodness now for 5G iPod

If you've been dying to go swimming with your 5G iPod (maybe you just need to watch Steve Zissou underwater), there is a more appetizing option than the fugly H2O swimbelt. Luckily Otterbox has released an iPod 5G waterproof case as an update to its line of iPod waterproof stuff we've reported on pr...

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