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Daily iPhone App: Polara switches up the endless runner genre

Endless runners are one of the most-used genres on the App Store lately -- from the original Canabalt to later hits such as Jetpack Joyride and one of my current favorites, God of Blades. There are plenty of them out there, and the best ones have some innovation or a new twist. Polara, one of t...

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British broadcaster ITV makes the move to Mac

Another major company has made the switch to the Mac. This time it's British broadcaster ITV, which is currently in the middle of a five-year technology transition. The company will switch out its employees' PCs with Macs and include Google Apps in the deal, installing Google's software on hard...

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Kanex offers switch for 2 Macs, 1 Cinema Display with SnapX

Kanex has a new switch, the SnapX, that lets you connect two Macs with one Apple Cinema Display. The SnapX is an all-in-one unit that ships with two mini DisplayPort cables, two USB connectors and one button to switch between the two machines. Besides a video signal, the SnapX uses the USB ca...

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Ed Bott's side-by-side Mac and PC experiment

ZDNet's Microsoft reporter Ed Bott is switching to a Mac. It's not forever and not in the way that you may be thinking, but for the time being he has decided to get serious about a side-by-side Mac and PC comparison he started over a year ago. Using a Mac mini and an HP Pavilion Elite desktop connec...

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Mac 101: Moving files from your old PC to your new Mac

A friend asked how to get her music, photos, and documents from her PC to her new Mac. There was actually a "Get a Mac" ad about this called Off The Air. In the commercial, the services was described as being free. I called Apple and was told that yes this is still available and free -- but I think ...

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Mac 101: Use the tab key in more dialog boxes

TUAW reader Cody Rogers wrote in to say: "I'm fairly new to my iMac and Macbook Pro running Snow Leopard. One of my biggest annoyances from switching over from PC to Mac is when a dialogue box comes up and says 'cancel' or 'okay' I can't find the keyboard shortcut to go from cancel to okay. In ...

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Nexus One tips for iPhone users

Here's an interesting post from Scott Knaster, a happy iPhone user and Google employee who made a cold-turkey switch to the Nexus One for three months (yes, some employees can get their hands on things early). You might expect a Nexus One v. iPhone post from a Google employee to be slanted, but t...

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Garageband's Learn to Play will run on a PPC... kind of

Good news for those of us who still have PowerPC-powered Macs lying around: while the new Garageband Learn to Play feature isn't actually designed to work with the old machines (part of Apple's switch to the new Intel chips), it apparently still does. If you've got iLife installed on your old Mac an...

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MobileMe: A First look

We've all awaited the .Mac to MobileMe switch for a while now (some more than others). However, Apple's 6 hour time table for upgrading to MobileMe turned awry and led into an almost 24 hour up, down, up, up, down cycle. If you're like most users experiencing the 24 outage, then you haven't been abl...

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Saying "goodbye" to .Mac

Tonight, we will all say "goodbye" to .Mac, a service that has been a small part of Apple for almost 8 years. iTools, .Mac's predecessor, was launched on January 5, 2000 at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco and was a free service that included a HomePage, iCards and the much coveted e-mail...

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Free Aperture web seminar for iPhoto users

Our faithful reader and tipster Nik Fletcher just passed a link our way to a new web seminar Apple has made available called Aperture for iPhoto Users. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet (I wanted to share it with y'all before diving in myself), but details on the site reveal exactly what you ...

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MacApper announces "Switcher's Giveaway"

People like getting free stuff. People love getting lots of free stuff. Feel the love yourself by checking out MacApper's "Switcher's Giveaway." They're looking for the best story about switching from a PC to a Mac. You're free to type up the details as text if you like, but iMovies, DVD's and slide...

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Swap full-screen Cover Flow and video in iTunes

Here comes the community at Mac OS X Hints with yet another cool trick which, in this case, should help us waste just a little more time in iTunes 7.1.1. I specify that latest version because this hint concerns Cover Flow's new found ability to run in full-screen mode: as it turns out, you can com...

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TUAW Tip: switch to the Mac on the cheap

The word that there might be as many as 9000 switchers a day got us thinking: maybe all those switchers could use some tips on how to save a few bucks while hopping the fence to white, black and aluminum pastures. Sure, Apple typically doesn't offer much in the way of excitement when it comes to za...

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This guy loves his Mac

As a lifelong Mac user, I haven't had the pleasure of "switching" (something which seems to happen quite often). Sometimes it goes poorly, I'm sure, and the would-be Mac user goes back to a Windows world. Other times, it goes well...very well. Blogger The Northlondonhippie is celebrating his second ...

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