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Mac 101: Inserting or typing uncommon characters

As a Mac consultant, I'm often asked some pretty bizarre questions. One that I frequently hear is "How do I type <some special character> on my Mac?" A good example of this is people who want to type fractions that look like this -- ½ -- rather than like 1/2, or plop a character like ...

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TUAW Tip: Character building with Mac OS X

I've previously demonstrated how to use LaTeXiT to create and display complex math formulas and other symbols, and thank you readers for the additional recommendations! While providing a means to display almost every imaginable existing symbol or character, a LaTeX-based solution may prove too co...

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PopChar X 4.0

PopChar X, the little utility that gets all of those funky symbols, accents, and other special characters into your documents without having to remember arcane key codes, has been updated to version 4 for Mac. PopChar has been around for over 20 years and is a favorite of editors and designers. To t...

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