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Dear Aunt TUAW: Why won't my apps stay deleted?

Dear Aunt TUAW, Darn it, my iPhone keeps re-installing my deleted apps every time I sync. Do you know how to make this stop happening? Is my iPhone possessed? I know I'm not alone. This is happening to other people too. Help! Love and kissies, Dave Read on for Auntie's response......

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Paul Thurrott amazes again, turns iPhone's Yahoo! synching feature into a complaint

Uh oh, famed purveyor of the SuperSite for Windows and spinster extraordinaire Paul Thurrott is at it again with a third installment of his iPhone review that focuses on the iPhone's performance as an actual phone. Never faltering in his ability to spin a genuinely innovative feature into a mark aga...

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Sync your iPhone with Microsoft Entourage

I must admit I'm a bit surprised that this slipped past me, so I hope I'm not the only one that didn't realize Entourage can sync with the iPhone via its oft-forgotten ability to play well with Mac OS X's Sync Services. According to this Apple support doc, switching on the preference you see abov...

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Possible bug with iPhone synching and external iTunes libraries

TUAW reader Jamie Phelps has possibly stumbled upon a nasty iPhone synching bug when keeping one's iTunes library on an external hard drive. While tips like our how-tos for setting up iTunes with external drives or even an AirPort Disk work pretty well even when synching iPods with them, Jamie found...

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Activation Video reveals some interesting details and... an 80GB iPhone?

Oh Apple, you're so sly with the way you slip in the useful (and sometimes bizarre) details with your iPhone demo videos. In the activation video posted today, more intricacies of what and how the iPhone synchs have been revealed with a walk-through of how to get one's iPhone set up at home with iTu...

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TUAW Tip: Apple TV, iPod and more can sync photos from Aperture

Since I committed to stepping up to Aperture from iPhoto, I've been slowly learning that Aperture really isn't left out in the cold in terms of integrating with other applications or syncing photos to devices like the iPod and Apple TV. If you don't have Aperture installed, you simply won't see i...

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Listz - a powerful organizer with rich media, iPod exporting and more

Getting organized is all the rage lately, what with an endless sea of GTD apps, todo Dashboard widgets and Growl alarm systems. There is certainly something to be said about making a list and checking it twice - especially when your list offers Google Maps in a mouseover popup window, a Dashboard...

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Reminder: Apple keeps an official list of iSync-supported devices

No matter how you identify with the computing aspect of your life being able to take your contacts and calendar on the go can be pretty invaluable, especially if you have more than three friends and your iCal has more colored blocks than a Rubix Cube. But how can you figure out which device(s) on yo...

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As its name suggests, FacebookSync is a tiny freeware app from FSB Software that - wait for it - syncs your friends' info from Facebook to Mac OS X's Address Book. Upon running it, a window much like the one you see above will appear for every contact that either doesn't have an Address Book entry...

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iGTD - yet another powerful, integrated GTD app

I know, I know - we've been blogging so many GTD apps lately that you probably needed to create a new task list just to look through them and make a decision. iGTD, however, packs one heckuva punch, so I thought it would be worth mentioning. While it includes all the typical features one probably ...

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TUAW Tip: temporarily prevent your iPod from syncing

Out of the box, the iPod is designed to work seamlessly with iTunes, so the system automatically syncs (by default) when you connect your iPod. This is typically fine for most users, but what about those times when you don't want this tag team to kick into gear for one reason or another? Perhaps you...

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