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Tag: synchronization

iTunes 9.2.1 arrives in Software Update -- many fixes, new features

According to the update, the new version disables older versions of incompatible third-party plugins, addresses minor issues, with dragging and dropping items, addresses a performance issue when doing a first sync to some devices, addresses an issue upgrading to iOS 4 on an iPhone or iPod touch with...

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Exchange users on iOS 4 need an updated config profile

The path to ActiveSync nirvana for iPhone 4/iOS 4 users has not run all that smooth over the past couple of weeks. There were dramatic slowdowns for Google Apps and Exchange users who tried to synchronize calendar and mail data, although matters improved after the first day or two. Worse, some Excha...

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My anticipation for a full day of iPhone 4

I'd love to give you my first impressions of the iPhone 4, but unfortunately only impression to date is how long my library is taking to synchronize. That's not new to the iPhone 4; I've been through this with previous Apple product releases. The difference today is how amazingly long it took t...

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Enter Gmail contact syncing and DropBox; exit MobileMe?

Well, that's that. I have whittled MobileMe down to two useful functions: Find My iPhone and Remote Wipe. And yes, I use one of those functions quite often, say, when my husband is off on some 80 mile jaunt on his bicycle. I have, thankfully, yet to require the services of the other one. But the ...

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iPhone app Feeds handily synchronizes with Google Reader

Google Reader is unarguably an extremely popular RSS news reader with a very good mobile interface for the iPhone. But as good as the mobile interface is, for me well done native applications will always beat an in-browser experience. A good iPhone app that synchronizes with Google Reader already ex...

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Synching iTunes Libraries Take 2: Syncopation

After testing TuneRanger over the past few days and not getting very good results, yesterday I had a chance to test Sonzea's Syncopation, which was recommended by several TUAW readers. Like TuneRanger, Syncopation works by synchronizing multiple iTunes libraries. Unlike TuneRanger, Syncopation is a ...

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iPhone 101 (Canadian edition): Don't forget to sync with iTunes

For the past year when it comes to the iPhone, us Canadians have had to watch enviously as our American neighbors got to have all the fun. Well, no more! As of today I have joined the ranks of the enlightened -- at least, my wallet has been "lightened". I am, like many of you, a software junkie. As...

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A quick rant about Notes

You got your iPhone. You got your computer. Your emails sync. Your contacts sync. Your calendars sync. Your music, your podcasts, your photos, all your stuff: it just syncs. This is good. Your notes? They don't sync. This. Is. Bad. Not just bad, but actually driving me nuts. It drives me nuts becaus...

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Keep your bookmarks in sync with BookIt

I have an admission to make: I change browsers on a fairly regular basis (normally, I'm found swapping between Camino and Safari in short succession as I struggle to find a nirvana between the two of them). But what to do with my favourites? Some people I know like to keep browser favourites separat...

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Beta Beat: Simple sync with Changes

This one is ostensibly for developers, but if you ever rock a revision control system or get excited about a little late-night diff-and-merge for whatever reason, your life may have just gotten easier. Changes is an app designed to simplify project synchronization and differencing for groups or indi...

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Getting the most out of synching and backing up with ChronoSync

I picked up a license for Econ Technologies' ChronoSync a little while ago, as I didn't want an app like SuperDuper which simply backs up an entire machine. ChronoSync offers a ton of options for fine-tuning your backup operations and synchronizing a machine with a backup folder or even another Mac,...

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FoldersSynchronizer v3.6 goes Universal

FoldersSynchronizer, the backup and sync utility from softtoBe, has been updated to version 3.6, with the addition of Universal Binary status. This is one of the first backup utilities I ever found - I subsequently bought a license way back in the day and it's always done the trick for me since. I'...

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