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TUAW Holiday Giveaway-tacular Part One: the active iPodder

For the next 5 days we're giving away a bunch of stuff from our friends at Dr. Bott. Check back each day for a new chance to win a bundle of goodies, each with a theme. Today the theme is "the active iPodder," or all those folks you see running with their iPods strapped to their arms. So we're in...

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Avery releases free Design Pro for Mac

Avery Office Products, the purveyor of labels, blank business cards, binder dividers, greeting cards, and iron-on t-shirt transfers, has released a free application called Design Pro for Mac. This software was demoed at Macworld Expo in January and is now available for download (registration requi...

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Apple Camp '08 schedule posted

Today Apple posted the schedule for Apple Camp. Apple Camp is held at Apple retail stores for kids 8-12 to go learn about creative things like: making presentations with Keynote, taking and managing photos with iPhoto, creating music with GarageBand, and making movies with iMovie. Each sessions las...

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Ambrosia Macworld swag giveaway

We're kicking off a few weeks of giveaways with a little bit of Macworld swag from Ambrosia Software. If you didn't attend Macworld, now's your chance to pretend you stopped by the Ambrosia booth anyway (for the full experience be sure to watch our interview with founder Andrew Welch too). What's in...

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TUAW t-shirts, just in time for Macworld 2008

Please don't go topless to Macworld. TUAW will be giving the rest of our t-shirts away next week, but for those of you who can't make it to Macworld 2008 still have a chance to win a shirt. Six lucky winners will receive a TUAW shirt in their choice of large, medium or small (sorry, XL is no longer ...

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Apple Stores to give away Leopard T-shirts

On their standard Retail page, Apple has announced its retail stores will be open from 6:00pm to 10:00pm this Friday (an extra hour for many stores) to celebrate the "Leopard World Premiere." There will be "live demos" and the chance to "test drive" Leopard, presumably on the in-store systems. Best ...

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TUAW Back-to-School Giveaway The End: TUAW T-shirt and more

This is the end of our fabulous ride through TUAW's Back-to-School Giveaway. We've had some laughs, haven't we? Today's prize is another TUAW t-shirt (in the size of your choice, provided you choose small, medium, large or extra-large). But to sweeten the deal we'll give you an Ambrosia pack and a c...

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TUAW Back-to-School Giveaway Day 11: TUAW t-shirt

Welcome to Monday, first day of the work week for those of us with such desk-chaining schedules. Today's prize is a way to brighten your Monday: a t-shirt! No, not a cool "Somebody's Got a Case of the Mondays" tee, like this one. It's our limited-edition TUAW shirt, the first of its kind, with suppl...

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TUAW Back-to-School Giveaway Day One

Perhaps calling it a back-to-school giveaway is bad. Whether or not you're going back to school right now you're eligible to win one of our prizes. To be honest, there's nothing particularly scholarly about the prizes either. It's just an excuse to give away 14 rounds of prizes. For the next 14 days...

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The TUAW tees are here

Delivered this morning by stork: the first run of our TUAW t-shirts! We'll be giving away about a dozen of these next week during WWDC (not all of which we'll give away on Monday night, so look for the prize patrol). And yes, those not attending WWDC will have a shot at winning a t-shirt later this ...

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Summit store t-shirt unboxing pics

Rainy Sunday news flash: Apple's packaging acumen extends even to giveaway swag. Our friend Chris over at Autoblog thoughtfully put together an unboxing gallery for his attractive, black, size XL t-shirt from the Summit (Birmingham, AL) store opening. I might have to get one of those shirts somehow,...

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Widget Watch: destroy your productivity with the Threadless Vote widget

I have to admit: I'm a nut for Threadless. The t-shirt design submissions that actually go to print after voting can certainly be hit or miss sometimes, but they crank out enough to keep me coming back for more. As if combing their site for new threads isn't enough of a time-waster, someone decided ...

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Apple Store FlatIron Crossing Grand Opening report

I have emerged victorious from my first ever Apple Store grand opening, and I have to say: it was pretty cool. There was one heck of a line that ran far outside the closest mall entrance, and it was really cool to see people from all walks of life, including Dan Lurie from The Apple Blog and Jeff Ga...

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