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Apple t-shirt: Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

Quality shirts for Apple fans can sometimes be hard to find on the web. Call me crazy, but the standard-issue black "GEEK" shirts don't quite cut it for me; I hate black as a shirt color because it gets way too hot in the summer, and these kinds of designs are typically bland and uninteresting. I...

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Insanely Great Tees releases two new shirts

Insanely Great Tees, who we've mentioned before and dearly love here at TUAW, has announced two new shipping shirts from that batch we all voted on. The "I'm a Mac" and "Binary Tree" (both $17) are ready to ship and keep you clothed, just in time for Macworld 07! I was personally hoping for the "cmd...

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Insanely Great Tees announces 6 new shirts to vote on

Insanely Great Tees, the clever new Mac-centric shirt shop, has announced 6 new t-shirts - but not all of them are going to see the light of day. Apparently the insanely great crew are having a tough time deciding which ones they like most, so they've put it to a vote for the rest of us. Head over t...

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Widget Watch: destroy your productivity with the Threadless Vote widget

I have to admit: I'm a nut for Threadless. The t-shirt design submissions that actually go to print after voting can certainly be hit or miss sometimes, but they crank out enough to keep me coming back for more. As if combing their site for new threads isn't enough of a time-waster, someone decided ...

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Apple Store FlatIron Crossing Grand Opening report

I have emerged victorious from my first ever Apple Store grand opening, and I have to say: it was pretty cool. There was one heck of a line that ran far outside the closest mall entrance, and it was really cool to see people from all walks of life, including Dan Lurie from The Apple Blog and Jeff Ga...

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Broomfield, CO Apple Store opening this weekend, too

I think it's safe to declare today as "Apple Store News Day." First Toronto's on the map, then Zürich and now a store I've been waiting for: Flatiron Crossing Mall in Broomfield, CO. I just received the email from Apple about the grand opening, the prizes, the glitz and glamor... The...

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Apple to release new in-store brochures, t-shirts

I'm delighted to see ifoAppleStore reporting that Apple will be releasing a new series of brochures and employee t-shirts in their retail stores to advertise the wide range of creative capabilities their Macs and software offer to consumers. The cover of the 12-page brochure (pictured) seems largely...

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John Gruber releases new Daring Fireball t-shirts, quits day job

John Gruber has answered the call for more Daring Fireball t-shirts and released two new designs (pictured) in addition to his original (not pictured). As before, purchasing one shirt for $29 (shipping included) will also score you a one year membership to full RSS and Linked List feeds, but now you...

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Moof and other Mac Icon Shirts

Susan Kare designed the original icons for the Macintosh as well as some for many early popular software programs. She's responsible for both the Moof the Dogcow and the error bomb icons, for instance.And now she's opened up a Cafe Press shop to sell her famous icon designs on t-shirts. Yes, you can...

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