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Chitika: iPad browsing usage share sees gain

Chitika Insights is back with numbers showing just how much web browsing iPad users do compared to the those who use competing tablets to do their browsing. The company sampled "tens of millions of U.S. and Canadian tablet-based online ad impressions" between July 1 and 7, 2014. What they found, i...

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iBackFlip TabKeeper 360: The adaptable carrying case for every tablet (Updated)

Two things that keep people from buying protection for their iPads are price and the inability to use the case with a different model of tablet. With iBackFlip's new TabKeeper 360 (US$54.95), both of those barriers to entry have been demolished. Be sure to check out iBackFlip's discount pricing on...

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Black Friday research shows big iOS impact

In the lull between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there's time for reflection (and a few remaining hours to enter our Mega Giveaway of accessories, gadgets and device cases). While the Talkcast is taking a Sunday night off for turkey digestion, there's still interesting issues to discuss. For the ...

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New Nokia video targets the iPad in comically bad web ad

I get that when you're at the top of the heap, second comers are going to take shots at you. It's just part of the game. Apple itself is no stranger to this dynamic; witness the beloved Get a Mac ads which wasted no opportunity to take potshots at Windows. Lately, though, we've been privy to a nu...

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J.D. Power explains how Samsung eked out win over the iPad in customer satisfaction survey... kind of

Last week we reported that a J.D. Power tablet satisfaction survey bizarrely gave Samsung the top prize. I say "bizarrely" because if you look at the chart below, Apple's iPad bested Samsung tablets in every single category except for cost. Keep in mind that each category is afforded the same weig...

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Microsoft's Frank Shaw rips into new iPads and iWork pricecut

If there's one thing we know about Frank Shaw, Microsoft's Corporate VP of Communications, it's that he isn't afraid to speak his mind. So with Apple announcing a range of new software and hardware this past Tuesday, Shaw couldn't help but try and pour some cold water on the Apple hype machine. ...

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Apple announces iPad Air, an all-new iPad

Apple just revealed the next evolution of the iPad, the iPad Air. It's 43 percent thinner than the current model -- which was already pretty thin. It's also a lot lighter, weighing in at a staggering 1.0 lb. The most noticeable change is the new iPad's thinner bezel. Rather than the thick edge th...

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T-Mobile CEO uses his iPhone to tweet praise for Galaxy Note 3

When you're the CEO of a major wireless carrier you need to make sure you show no bias towards one manufacturer over another. That must be why T-Mobile boss John Legere used his iPhone to tweet about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 earlier today. So just what would Legere do without his Note 3? Well, pr...

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iPad sales slip as tablet market surges

The tablet market has exploded in the last year, with nearly 60 percent growth since the same quarter in 2012. This is according to new information published by the market research firm IDC on Monday. At the top of the market is Apple, thanks to strong sales of the iPad. However, while Apple is st...

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New Microsoft Surface RT ad goes after the iPad... again

Microsoft just can't seem to help itself. The marketing folks up in Redmond today released yet another video touting the advantages of their Surface RT over the iPad. As they've done before, the commercial features an iPad -- voiced by a Siri-like voice of course -- expressing dismay at all of the...

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Reality Absorption Field: The Untouchables

At WWDC the announcement of OS X Mavericks, plus the release of the new Intel Haswell-based Macs on which it will eventually run, reaffirmed Apple's direction to keep touch with the province of iOS devices. Meanwhile, on the Windows side, we are increasingly seeing a host of ultraportables t...

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Physicians who use mobile apps prefer iPhones and iPads

A recent survey conducted by Black Book Rankings reveals that physicians are increasingly relying on mobile apps in their daily practice. The trend is somewhat attributable to the Affordable Care Act which provides incentives to doctors and hospitals to digitize Electronic Health Records (EHRs) an...

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Bill Gates: iPad users are frustrated because they "can't type, can't create documents"

A long-time champion of tablet computing, one has to wonder how former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates feels given that Apple seemingly swooped in out of nowhere and quickly claimed the tablet market as its own in 2010. Indeed, the latest data from IDC indicates that the iPad amassed a 39.6 percent market...

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iPad commands lion's share of tablet market despite Samsung's gains

The latest Q1 2013 research data from IDC shows that the market for tablets is absolutely booming, growing 142.4 percent year over year. To put that into context, IDC notes that the 49.2 million tablets shipped during the first three months of 2013 is greater than the number of tablets shipped dur...

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iPad tops J.D. Power's customer satisfaction survey for second year in a row

Once again, Apple's iPad has topped the J.D. Power and Associates ranking of tablets as it pertains to customer satisfaction. In its most recent survey, J.D. Power surveyed 1,857 tablet users who have owned a tablet for at least one year. The survey measured satisfaction across five factors; ...

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