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Embed .Mac Web Gallery thumbnails in RapidWeaver pages

The new .Mac Web Galleries are great, but they unfortunately can only be built by iPhoto '08 and integrated into iWeb pages. Thanks to this RapidWeaver forum post from Günter, however, RW users have a trick for embedding those slick scrolling .Mac Web Gallery thumbnails into their pages. The tr...

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Taco HTML v1.7.2 is Universal

If Dreamweaver is a bit overkill for some web work on your desk, Taco HTML might just be the editor for you. It's a small yet feature-packed web editor with tag coloring, HTML preview, syntax checking, code snippets and more. It's my favorite editor for HTML pages or tweaking a WordPress PHP page f...

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Taco time: mod Jay's eMac

Sitting here surrounded by the guts of my eMac, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to put all these bits of metal and plastic back into the case in a different order, or replace some of them entirely. If it were a second generation machine, priority number one would be overclocking. Since my bo...

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