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iFixit opens up the iPhone 4

As expected, the tool-minded folks at iFixit have torn down an iPhone 4 and posted its inner workings for all to see. There are plenty of juicy high-res photos and details here. The story of how they got their phone is even more interesting than what they found inside. Kyle was all set to hop a f...

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iFixit tears down the updated Macbook

As usual, the folks at iFixit.com have taken apart a piece of Apple hardware. This time, it's the recently refreshed Macbook. This update wasn't significant, so most of the machine's innards are the same, with a few exceptions. First is a larger battery. Apple proudly notes that the MacBook will ...

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iPod nano/classic take-aparts

People love to dismantle their expensive, new toys for whatever reason (probably the same reason I took transistor radios apart as a kid - to see "how it works"). Today, AppleInsider is pointing to fully illustrated take-aparts at iFixit.com - one for the iPod nano, and one for the classic. They no...

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iMac take apart photos

While I don't feel compelled to disassemble brand new equipment, I will watch someone else do it. If you're like me, check out this photo set depicting the take-apart of an iMac. Note how the glass is removed, the blue board, the trio of fans...and the voided warranty. Enjoy your Thursday afternoon ...

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Found Footage: Disassemble your iPhone for fun and profit

Maybe it's just because I'm a big geek, but there's something absolutely fascinating about watching the complicated process of disassembling an iPhone. PDAParts.com produced the above video to go with a forthcoming DIY screen repair kit for the iPhone. Nonetheless, it's just cool to see what it tak...

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iPhone Take Apart

As often happens with new and fantastic technology products with a lot of hype associated with them get released, someone immediately wants to take them apart to see what's inside. Such is the case at iFixit where they have begun the disassembly process on a new iPhone. So, if you're curious not on...

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MacBook DIY hard drive replacement from Apple

If you've got a MacBook with a cramped hard drive, and you're kind of handy, check out this official DIY manual from Apple. As someone who has changed the drives on beastly Nubus Macs and 1st generation iMacs, I can tell you that the process described here is a breeze. So pick up a drive and save y...

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Rig of the Day: Where did the computer go?

Today's rig is more of an "anti-rig." When Apple released the iMac G5, they used the tagline, "Where did the computer go?" Flickr user *nathan takes the idea to a whole new level with this "faceless" iMac. Where did the computer go indeed. "Faceless" posted by *nathan. If you'd like to see your own...

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First MacBook take-apart

One of may favorite aspects of the Mac Web is the race to be the first person to take apart a brand-spanking new piece of equipment. Kodawarisan has broken down this white MacBook, and put up the photos to prove it. You can clearly see how accessible the hard drive is, as we mentioned in an earlier ...

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Intel Mac mini take-apart

What's the first thing you do when you get your new Mac home? Set it up and start playing around, maybe transfer all of your files? No, you grab some tools and take it apart! If you're itching to rip a new Intel mini wide open, take a look at this fully illustrated how-to at Apple Fritter. Prying ap...

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Cracking open a new Intel iMac

Hopefully, I'll have my hands on a new iMac later today, so that I can weigh in with a little video review of the new computer, but thank the Woz that the Japanese beat me to tearing open the new iMac! Now, I can simply direct your eager eyes over to this site, so that you can peep into the new iMac...

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iMac disassembled for your viewing pleasure

Continuing the tradition of taking things apart as soon as they're released, a site by the name of KODAWARISAN has already dissected an Intel Dual Core iMac. The images aren't incredibly hi-res, but they should be good enough to keep you from doing the same to your zippy new iMac. [via MacDailyNews]...

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