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Bookle: Hands-on with the new Mac EPUB reader app

During Apple's January education event, one thing that many Apple bloggers were waiting for never appeared -- a version of iBooks for Mac. While that was a surprising omission, at least there's a new and well-implemented Mac book reader app that handles the EPUB format of most iBooks with ease and...

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TUAW TV Live: Completely paper-free and now with fewer calories

"Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends..." TUAW TV Live is back for another hour of discussion, chat, demonstrations and unplanned technical difficulties. Starting at 5 PM ET, I'll be firing up the cameras and studio lights, putting on my Apple logo'd hat and talking about everything ...

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TidBITS celebrates 20 years of online publishing excellence

Although the Apple blogging community is fairly tight-knit, we usually don't go out of our way to laud our competitors. This week, however, we're making an exception. Back in 1990, Adam and Tonya Engst jump-started the online publishing world with TidBITS. Initially, TidBITS was distributed as a ...

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Two new Snow Leopard titles from Take Control Books -- and a giveaway

Do you have a few hours to kill while you're waiting in line at the Apple Store for your Snow Leopard upgrade? Take Control Books has just the thing to help fill your time and your mind! Two new Snow Leopard titles have been released today in both ebook and print format. The first, "Take Control of...

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Take Control of iWeb '09 with exclusive TUAW discount

With the introduction of iWeb '09, Apple pumped up the volume on its entry-level website authoring tool, making it more functional and flexible for novice users while adding enough power -- multi-site publishing options, FTP upload to unlock users from MobileMe, more capable RSS/podcasting tools and...

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