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iFixit breaks down the new Mac mini

The folks at iFixit have carefully taken apart a mid-2010 Mac mini and documented the process for all to see. This new case is a lot thinner and fatter than its predecessor. The whole thing is machined from a single block of aluminum and impressive-looking. The most striking change to anyone who'...

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iFixit dismantles new iMac

As usual, our friends at iFixit have taken apart the latest hardware from Apple. Inside the new 20" iMac, they found that the machine's innards live behind the display, which must first be removed (this isn't new, but a lot less convenient than the G5s with their removable rear panel). Notable is th...

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Mighty Mouse take apart

I recently purchased a wireless Mighty Mouse. Several users have complained of a sticky roller ball, and I was concerned until I was shown this step-by-step, illustrated take-apart. You'll only need an X-acto knife, a tiny screwdriver and some patience to remove the ball, clean it off and reassemble...

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