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Tamagotchi coming back as an iOS app

Truth be told, I was just a little too old to land in the middle of the Tamagotchi craze: My childhood was more full of Trapper Keepers and Game Boys than the famous Japanese virtual pets. But of course I saw them all over the place back in the '90s, as did everyone, really. And now the origina...

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New iPod game: Tamagotchi

This week, Apple added a new game for the iPod nano and iPod classic. Tamagotchi: 'Round the World allows you to take care of a small pet, which you raise from birth. There are four pets to choose from, interactive environmental items, 6 mini games, and three activities to play with your pets. Ta...

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Widget Watch: Tigergotchi

Okay. As you all know, I hate the Dashboard, and I usually keep it turned off. Nevertheless, when I saw this widget, I was forced to reactivate my Dashboard, install it, and be amused. Why? Because I am a huge fan of the entirely useless technology-as-fake-pet phenomenon. What am I talking about?...

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