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Tag: tap tap tap

Camera+ 3.0 now available, integrated into other apps via API

The popular Camera+ app (US$0.99) has just received an update to version 3.0 that adds new functionality as well as an API that has already been used by a number of top name developers to add the Camera+ functionality to a variety of apps. When I say that Camera+ is popular, I'm not exaggerating -...

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Camera+ updated, VolumeSnap returns at last

In August of 2010, tap tap tap's Camera+ got pulled from the App Store because it implemented a feature which violated Apple's Developer Agreement at the time. VolumeSnap allowed Camera+ users to use the "+" volume button on the iPhone as a physical shutter switch for taking photos with the iPh...

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How to photograph jewelry with an iPhone 4

You know those beautiful photos of jewelry that you see in ads and catalogs? The folks at Modahaus wanted to see if their table top studios could be used with an iPhone 4 to make images that would be good enough for a professional photographer to sell. The results were astonishingly good. The...

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tap tap tap makes a million - in both sales and profit - from Camera+

With much glee, tap tap tap announced today that not only has it sold the millionth copy of Camera+ for the iPhone, but it's also made a million dollars in revenue from that app plus the effects pack that's an in-app purchase (after Apple's cut, of course). Fellow blogger Steve Sande reviewed Camera...

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Camera+ pulled from App Store for 'volume button as camera shutter' workaround

From the "It Was Only a Matter of Time Department" comes news that Camera+, the top-rated photography app from developer tap tap tap, has been pulled from the App Store, most likely for violating Apple's developer agreement. Apple previously rejected an update to the Camera+ app which would have all...

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More App Store sales figures

Last week, iPhone app shop tap tap tap released preliminary sales data for its iPhone applications. The figures were interesting (and impressive), but at the time, only seven days of data was available. As Steve Jobs told the Wall Street Journal on Monday, the App Store's first month generated about...

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iPhone dev tap tap tap releases sales figures

John Casasanta from iPhone app shop tap tap tap has released the company's sales data for the week of 7/28/08 to 8/3/08. John is one of the guys behind MacHeist, and as such has a history of being open about sales figures; still, releasing this information is a bold move. Although the only available...

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