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Daily iPad App: Bam Fu is frenzied fun for multiple players on one device

A while ago, I wrote about an ingenious little app named Bloop, which was a multiplayer game for one iPad, where up to four different players had to tap on little colored squares on the screen to see who could clear them off fastest. The creator of that app, Rusty Moyher, was later approached by...

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Nukotoys introduces two physical card sets for interacting with iPad apps

One of our first appointments here at CES this week was with a company called Nukotoys, which co-CEO Rodger Raderman told us was interested in asking the question for today's children: "What is a toy?" As we've reported here before, more kids than ever are interested in getting iPod touches and...

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AT&T updates iPhone plan for hearing-impaired

Back in April we noted that AT&T was offering a Text Accessibility Plan for hearing-impaired customers that offered unlimited SMS and data for $40 per month. Now that the 3G iPhone is out, the plans have been updated. Original iPhone customers can still get it for $40, but the 3G crowd is going ...

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iPhone 101: Zooming in and out of maps

In the iPhone Google Maps application, it's pretty obvious how to zoom into maps. You double tap the screen. The map readjusts, zooming further in. So how do you zoom out? Sure you can pinch your way back but there's a far easier way. Use a single multi-touch tap instead. That is, tap with two fing...

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