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Daily App: Ready to Go misses the mark as a manager for those last minute tasks

Ready to Go from AppBit has an interesting premise -- rather than a to-do list for everything you need to do in a day, the app focuses on those routine household tasks you must do every time you are "ready to go" somewhere. It's perfect for folks like me who rush out the door and forget something ...

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Mac App of the Week: 2Do, a task manager with the right mix of power features, simplicity

I'm always on the lookout for new task managers that offer a different UI or a different approach to help me keep track of my seemingly endless to do list. The latest app to cross my path is 2Do for the Mac from Guided Ways technology. I was familiar with 2Do, having used their iOS app a few year...

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Minimalist task manager Begin adds tap-to-edit, new full-screen mode

Begin is a tough-as-nails to-do list that helps you manage the tasks in your life that are due right away. You are allowed a single list of tasks and each item in your list has three options -- do it today, do it tomorrow or mark it as done. It's simple, but effective. A recent update (version 1....

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Astrid task manager to shut down on August 5

Astrid was acquired by Yahoo earlier this year, and now the web component of the task manager will go offline in a few weeks. Astrid sent out an email to all customers informing them that the cloud-based service would shut down on August 5. To help customers move to another task manager, Astrid i...

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6Wunderkinder brings new pro features to its Wunderlist task manager

6Wunderkinder today introduced a new Pro option in its popular to-do app, Wunderlist. The new Wunderlist Pro moves the task manager towards small business use by adding features that focus on team collaboration. Wunderlist Pro now lets users share their workloads by assigning tasks to colleag...

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Friday Favorite: Using AppleScript to work with tasks in Things 2

A few weeks ago I purchased Things 2 when it was on sale in the Mac App Store. I've used the demo before and have always enjoyed the simplicity of the Things interface and the power of its tagging system. One difficulty that I faced with Things is its closed environment, which keeps all your tasks...

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Appigo launches Todo Pro, a task list synchronization and collaboration service

Appigo overhauled its Todo Online sync service and replaced it with a task synchronization and collaboration solution. The new Todo Pro service lets you seamlessly sync your tasks across your Mac and iOS devices. Todo Pro is an improvement over Appigo's former online sync service and is much ...

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Metro Tasks is an option-filled task manager for detail-oriented users

Power users looking for an effective way to manage their to-do lists should take Metro Tasks from Developer One for a spin. Metro Tasks is filled with features that'll let you control your tasks, instead of your tasks controlling you. When you first open Metro Tasks, you are greeted with a ve...

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Beta Beat: Dejumble 2

Apps like Things and OmniFocus are (still) the big contenders for your task-management dollars, but there are plenty of fresh ideas popping up from "smaller" developers. For example, ThinkingCode just released an exciting public beta: version 2 of Dejumble, their entry into the task manager market. ...

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OmniFocus 1.6 checks off bugs and adds new features

The Omni Group just released OmniFocus 1.6, and it's a big, big update. Current users are going to be pleased, even if they don't bother to page through the extensive list of new features and fixes in the release notes. I've never said anything to the contrary, but this is proof that Omni is listeni...

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ActionGear, simple yet powerful task management

ActionGear has been out for a while, but I think it deserves a mention as a potentially great task-management app, falling somewhere between iCal or a bare bones outliner such as TaskPaper, and the robust end of the scale where Things and OmniFocus are duking it out. Within ActionGear's simple inte...

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