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Apple tattoo makes it permanent

According to our poll, over half of you think that Flickr user Terry Johnston is crazy for expressing his devotion to Apple in such a way. I, for one, don't find it nearly as strange, though it would seem to be more appropriate if we could pick out our own bodies, and have Jony Ive design one hims...

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Would you ever get an Apple tattoo?

Tattoos are one of the most unique form of personal expression, given that they're permanent (mostly), painful and artistic all at once. Getting a tattoo of a company logo or product is often seen as foolhardy or shortsighted. But Apple fans are a unique bunch, and there is plenty of Apple ink to ...

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iTat tattoos up the back of your iPhone

"iTat" is a questionable name for a product, but the actual effect of these "iPhone tattoos" looks pretty good. iTat is a system for etching on the back glass panel of the iPhone, which, on the black iPhone, looks like a sort of tattoo. The whole process is being offered by a company called Sir...

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Apple Tattoo: Now that's a fan girl

In my time I've been accused of being an Apple fanboy, but this girl takes it to the next level. On celebritytattoos.org we find this lovely collection of the 32 geekiest tattoos, with our favorite company logo clearly taking pride of place. I can't say I approve, but you've got to respect the Apple...

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Flickr Find: Command Tattoo

I've seen some Mac tattoos in my day, but this might be the best. Flickr user boogah has a few pictures posted of his new tattoo, so check it out. [via Tom Bridge]...

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