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Apple accused of receiving illegal state aid in Ireland

Apple's alleged exploitation of a tax ruling in Ireland is getting some attention from the European Commission. In a preliminary finding that labels the treatment the company has been receiving "state aid," Apple and several other large companies, including Google and Microsoft, could see their ta...

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Apple announces US sales tax holiday for select states

Several states in the U.S. offer sales tax holidays around the start of back-to-school season to help parents save money on required purchases. This Tuesday Apple announced that they would be honoring these sales tax holidays not only in the retail locations, but also online. There are obviously ...

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One-time tax holiday for Apple's overseas cash gains traction in D.C.

Apple today has over $150 billion worth of cash in the bank. Only problem is, the vast majority of that cash (~$138 billion) is held in overseas accounts. For some time now, Apple has been reluctant to bring that cash back to the United States because it would be subject to a 35 percent corporate ...

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EU hoping to close off corporate tax loopholes utilized by Apple and others

To say that Apple's off-shore tax practices came under scrutiny in 2013 would be an extreme understatement. Though the tax minimization schemes Apple employs overseas are no different than those used by other multinational corporations, the spotlight in typical fashion seemed to shine exclusively ...

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Apple accused of tax fraud in Italy

Reuters is reporting that an Apple subsidiary in Italy is currently under investigation for tax fraud. According to a judicial source cited by Reuters, authorities in Italy are currently investigating whether or not the Apple subsidiary in question hid US$1.34 billion in revenue from tax authoriti...

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SEC concludes review of Apple's tax policy

Four months after the US Senate's Permanent Subcommittee held hearings to look into Apple's off-shore tax practices, the Security and Exchange Commission has ruled that Apple did not violate any laws. As AllThingsD reports: In a September letter to Apple, released late last week, the SEC said it h...

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Apple promotes tax-free shopping days

Apple on Monday began reminding folks that a number of states are holding sales tax holidays beginning on August 2nd. As the name implies, sales tax holidays enable consumers to purchase certain types of items and forgo having to pay sales tax. Come early August, 10 different states will hold sale...

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Ireland says it has no special "tax deal" with Apple; Senators Levin and McCain dispute claim

Despite claims to the contrary, Ireland Ambassador Michael Collins this past week penned a letter to US Senators Carl Levin and John McCain exclaiming that Ireland has no special tax deal with Apple. The letter reads in part: First, Ireland's tax system is set out in statute - so there is no po...

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Former US Senator John E. Sununu defends Apple's tax practices

Former New Hampshire Senator John E. Sununu on Monday penned an op-ed piece for the Boston Globe defending Apple's tax practices. Just last week, of course, a trio of Apple executives made their way down to Washington D.C. to answer questions before a congressional subcommittee regarding Apple's for...

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NYT Columnist Joe Nocera laughably calls Tim Cook a liar

As we reported previously, Tim Cook and two other Apple executives appeared before Congress earlier this week to discuss Apple's tax practices. The focus of the hearing centered on how Apple manages to keep the bulk of its foreign earned cash overseas and what might be done to incentivize Apple to...

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Jon Stewart covers Tim Cook and Apple's tax issue

On The Daily Show last night, Jon Stewart covered, in typically hilarious fashion, Apple's recent trip to Washington D.C. to defend its tax practices. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook Funny stuff, per u...

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Some comic relief from Apple's congressional appearance

Apple sent three top executives to Washington, D.C. yesterday to testify in front a congressional hearing on Apple's tax practices. Making the journey from Cupertino were CEO Tim Cook, CFO Peter Oppenheimer and Phillip Bullock -- Apple's head of Tax Operations. The hearing went on for a few hours, ...

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Livestream of Tim Cook and Peter Oppenheimer at today's congressional hearing

Catch up on all of Apple's tax controversy here as both CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer gear up to testify in front of Congress to address Apple's billions in foreign-stored cash. ...

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France mulls 'culture tax' on devices like the iPhone

Reuters reports that France, in an effort to generate money to help fund cultural initiatives, is considering implementing a special tax on smartphones and tablets. The proposal falls under France's "cultural exception" policy, enacted to ensure that the arts in France can continue to thrive in the...

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Apple makes a tax deal for Prineville, Oregon data center land

We've heard before that Apple plans to build a data center on land it previously purchased in Oregon, but now the Associated Press reports on part of the cost. The company has reportedly agreed to pay US$150,000 per year to local governments, and has signed off on at least 35 jobs. Those jobs w...

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